Just Another Day On The Links

Yesterdays round started the same as all others. As my second round of golf in 2021, I am slowly starting to gain some control of my swing. I still have a long way to go, but that is the fun of playing and practicing….right? I played well, hit some good shots, scored well, and felt like it was a typical day. That is until the last two holes.

As I made my way around the course, the weather was very comfortable. It was cloud to overcast, but the wind was not blowing that strong and the temperature was very comfortable. Typically, this is the type of weather we play in for this time of year. That is until we hit the 13th hole.

After our tee shot, the skies decided to open up and dump a deluge of rain on our group. It rained so much that two players decided to pack it in and head home. Fernando and I decided to stick it out because the skies looked like it was going to clear up. Well, half way through the 14th hole it stopped raining and the playing conditions were quite comfortable.

Comfortable until the 17th hole. After I tee off the skies decided it was time to open up again. The rain was light at first, then decided to build. We finished the 17th hole in the sprinkle and made our way to the 18th hole. After we teed off, we heard thunder in the distance and tried to quicken our pace. As we wait for the group in front of us (they were very slow), we could see the poor weather heading our way.

As we were finishing the hole, the horn sounded for us to leave the course because the lightening was getting closer fast. As was putting my clubs in my car, the rain came pouring down. Just as I closed my hatchback, hail decided to join in the mix. Good thing we were finished or we would have had to seek shelter in the trees until the very poor weather blew through. About 10 minutes later, the sun was coming out again. Man that was some crazy weather. However, it is not unexpected for April and I am grateful to be golfing.

As you can see, the weather was less than typical, even for this time of year. Unfortunately, we cannot control what Mother Nature decides to throw our way. Fortunately, I am prepared and have all the kit I need to battle against any drastic change in the weather.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Just Another Day On The Links

  1. Sounds like home to me except for the part about being quite comfortable after the rain. Here it would be quite humid. Most of the year anyway. Glad to hear your getting back into the swing of things. I got my first round in this week finally today. Had the course to myself and played two balls. I pitted driver against 3 wood and the longer holes and full swing vs easy swing on the shorter tee shots. The 3 wood/easy swing won, but not by much and a couple of chips might have swung different had they been played in a different order, but I think it was a useful thing to do. It might help me make a few better choices sometimes.

    Oh, and I’ve added a note in my bag that I’ll see every time I start a round. It says simply “Are you missing it high or low today?”. A thought that I heard expressed in some youtube video and one I knew I hadn’t been paying much attention to because I couldn’t answer it at the time. What better way to check your speed control.

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    • Kevin,

      There is a whole lot of info in your comment. I like the test you did between clubs and swing speeds. That is something worth trying to me. Also, I never heard about or thought about posting a note to myself on my golf bag. I will have to give this some thought. Thanks.

      Cheers Jim


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