A Golf Tip From Kathy Whitworth

I am always looking for golf tips and this particular one keeps popping up. It is not as if we need reminding or maybe we do. I came across this tip from Kathy Whitworth who “throughout her playing career won 88 LPGA Tour tournaments, more than anyone else has won on either the LPGA Tour or the PGA Tour. In 1981 she became the first woman to reach career earnings of $1 million on the LPGA Tour.” (Wikipedia) With amazing credentials such as Kathy has, I immediately took note of her golf tip.

I have talked about aiming before and instead of talking about it, lets hear what Kathy has to say:

In case you did not catching her point, we have to aim with every golf shot. To reinforce my point, I have a question that should make you re-evaluate your thoughts on aiming.

When you putt the ball, do you aim/line up your putt?

I would expect that the answer to this questions is an unanimous ‘YES’! Therefore, it goes to reason that if you line up every putt, why would you not take the time to aim/line up all the other shots. Am I right or am I right?

I will not belabour the point, but aiming every shot is critical to low golf scores. This is a known tenet of exceptional golf and having a golfing great like Kathy Whitworth espouse what made her successful only provides credence to this foundational concept.

Do you aim/line up every shot?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “A Golf Tip From Kathy Whitworth

  1. I’ve watched more than few golfers over the years set themselves up wrong because they don’t follow this simple technique to get properly aligned for the intended path. They are often training themselves into a bad swing. Their shoulders and toes will point down different paths than each other and the club. Mostly I see them aligned to have to pull it to get the ball to the target and of course, they end up hitting a slice more often than not.

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