Is Golf Over For The Season?

The weather is not cooperating at all and it makes we wonder if golf season is over. It is that time of year where rain is in the forecast every second day; this creates challenges to getting out on the links. I try to stick with playing as long as I can in the cool and wet, but my tipping point is coming soon.

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Fall Troubles

Well golfing enthusiasts, fall is finally here.  It is the time of the year that the reeks havoc on everyone’s golf game. There are so many distractions before, during and after playing golf that bring out the ‘Fall Troubles’.

All golfers feel them!  Golfers have the desire to play as much as possible, but they never seem to get out as much as they want.  Here are my top five reasons that the fall is the toughest time of the year to play:

  • the kids activities have increase because of school. Your second job as taxi is here;
  • daylight is much less allowing for less opportunity to hit the links;
  • it is very cold in the morning and it is hard to golf wearing mittens and a scarf;
  • great time of year for house renovations because you put them off all summer; and
  • hockey is starting and it wrecks your golf swing.

Regardless of why you have ‘Fall Troubles’, remember that golfing in the fall is a bonus.  It allows golfers to slowly unwind from an awesome season unless you live in New Zealand where your season is just starting!  Regardless, I hope you had a great season and plenty of fun!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!