Opening Our Mind to A New Approach To Your Golf Game

If you are wondering on which is the best approach to fixing your golf game, the short answer is I do not know. Depending on what you are trying to improve, a quick search reveals millions of answers. However, there is one important thing that is required no matter what strategy you employ – start with an open mind! Yup, without the six inches of real estate between your ears free of clutter, it will be journey full of false trails.

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There Is No Such Thing as a Favourite Golf Club!

I have asked the question several times over the past few years and the results are always the same. There is no favourite golf club, the ultimate go-to for every player. It changes all the time and the numbers never lie. I conducted a poll recently and it was almost a dead heat. The results are exactly what we expected….or were they?

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Iron or Hybrid?

In recent years, hybrid clubs have hit the market, which in turn has sparked a hot debate.  The question most asked is which is better.  I would suggest that the average amateur golfer would benefit from hybrids in their bag verses long irons.  Hybrids are more for giving and have a tendency to hit the ball further.

At value guide a comparison of long irons and hybrids are made.  They conclude that hybrids have three advantages over long irons:  club head design, sole design, and shaft and length.  These are three pretty important design points and clearly hybrids come out as the winner.

Laird Small, Dir. of the Pebble Beach Golf Academy explains why hybrids are superior to long irons for the average golfer.  He talks about making better contact and how the club interacts with the ball.  Overall, hybrids are the way to go.

As you can see, hybrids are here to stay.   I have replaced my 3-4-5 irons with hybrids and found that I hit the ball further, straighter and with more confidence.  It has made a difference of two strokes per round on my overall score.  As a single digit handicapper, that is outstanding!

Do you use hybrids?  Tell me what a difference it has made in your game.  See you on the links.  I am a grateful golfer!