Five Uses Of A Hybrid Golf Club

I love my hybrid golf clubs. Over the years, I have carried a 3, 4, and 5 hybrid, experimented with their use and have settled on a carrying a 3 and 4 hybrid. As I researched for today’s topic, I stumbled across a video by Rick Sheils that outlines five uses to a hybrid to improve your game and lower your golf score. As I was inspired by the video to write this article, I realized that I definitely use my hybrid for four of the instances Shiels suggests and a few more as well. Regardless of how many situations you use your hybrid, I think that it is important that they are used more because they really improve an amateurs ability to navigate out of challenging situations.

The following video is provides five instances where a hybrid club will benefit your game. I will have a couple others after, but as you watch I recommend you consider what Shiels is saying and think about what club you use during the challenging situations.

My 3 Hybrid

Of the five uses outlined by Shiels, I rarely use my hybrid around the green. If I am facing an up and down as described, I use a 7 iron. I am comfortable with my club selection for these shots, but I am open to trying a hybrid, again. I have tried using a hybrid in the past, but found the ball jumps off the club face and it was harder for me to control. Never one to give up, I think I will practice using a hybrid for putting around the green and see what happens.

As I watched the video, I realized that two situations were left out that could be added to the list. The first is in rough where the ball is 3/4 buried. Many of my amateur friends try to gouge their ball out with a fairway wood, but the hybrid is the perfect club for this situation. I find that the hybrid club head easily slides through the long grass to make solid contact. With the low center of gravity with my hybrids, the ball rockets out of the rough most times. I am usually left with an easier next shot because I put the ball back in play farther down the fairway than with any other club.

The second instance that works very well for may game is drawing the ball. For some reason, I can shape (draw) my hybrids better that my irons. Unfortunately, I cannot describe how I do this because I am not 100% sure. I can say is that by playing the ball back in my stance a 1/2 inch and taking a 3/4 swing produces the baby draws I need to shape my ball around an obstacle. I stumbled across this use one day and have not looked back.

I was never good at hitting long irons. Hybrids added a dimension to my game that lowered my golf score. Originally touted as a rescue club, they have become so much more. If you carry a hybrid, I would recommend that you start using it more when you play. I believe it will lower your golf score by helping you out of challenging situations to set up your next shot. Hybrids really are game changers.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Five Uses Of A Hybrid Golf Club

  1. I used the 4 & 5 hybrids during my round this evening. Both have turned into wonderful additions to my bag. On ten I teed the ball high like I was hitting a driver and sent the ball over the trees that guard the corner of the 90 degree dogleg right with the 5. With the wind helping I came just short of the green that we assume is 200 yards away on a direct line like I took.. On 13 I used the 5 again on a 170 yard par 3 into the breeze. A short swing gave me a little draw and got me to 4 feet past the pin. The 4 I hit on 17 came up short of the green thanks to the breeze but still close enough the chip almost fell and the tap in was concerned. And on 18 the 5 missed an ace by 2 feet.

    Those are scoring clubs in every way for me. The 5 does fine with bump and runs. It’s easy to hit from bad lies. I can’t imagine going back anymore. In fact I’ve thought about adding a 6 hybrid to the bag to replace the 5 iron.

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    • Kevin,

      I can see that you have completely integrated hybrids into your game with success. That is great to hear that you have such confidence with these clubs. It really helps our overall game when you can select a hybrid for a variety of uses and do not doubt you will hit your ball well. Hybrids have really help the amateur game.

      Cheers Jim


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