Hybrids Vs Irons The Same Old Argument

I am not sure how many articles I read regarding the discussion of whether hybrids or irons were best for the amateurs game. Many articles talk about ease of hitting, control, versatility, and overall performance. I am not going to rehash these discussions because I think you have read some of the same articles I have. I will however, recount my experiences over the past 10 years regarding the the use of hybrids and irons and why I have settled on my current set composition.

Ten years ago, I had a set of clubs that consisted of a 3, 4, and 5 hybrid. I found that those clubs offered benefits in distance, hitting out of the rough, and tee shots on longer par 3. They did, however, hinder my ability to shape the ball, hit out trouble (I relied on my 6 iron mostly for this shot) and hit out of fairway sand traps. At the time, I felt that distance and hitting out of the rough was the paramount. As I continued to play with these thoughts in mind, I found that I actually missed my 4 and 5 iron and decided to switch up my next set of clubs I bought as a retirement gift from my wife in 2015.

My next set of clubs included a 3 hybrid, 4 iron and 5 iron. At first I was thrilled to have them both back in my bag. After a year or so, I realized that I rarely hit my 4 iron except out of trouble. This iron became my specialty club only and rarely did I hit it for distance. I loved my 3 hybrid and 5 iron, but was left wanting with my 4 iron. I found that my putting my 5 iron back in my bag was a stroke saver because I could use it to hit from trouble and distance. it became very versatile for my game.

My current set of clubs has a 3 and 4 hybrid, and a 5 iron. I find that this combination is perfect for my game. I can hit for distance and out of the rough with my 3 and 4 hybrid. And I can hit from trouble and distance with my 5 iron. Lastly, I have closed any possible distance gaps I might have had from the previous combinations.

Obviously I gave your the abridged version of my hybrid versus iron journey. You can see that I have experience several different combinations and finally settled on a my current set. Trial and error was the only way I was going to figure out the hybrid versus iron dilemma for myself. Prior to ten years ago I decided to start my journey. I found that after I read (which I did) a plethora of articles, talk to several local professionals, and talked to couple of fitters; I really was no further ahead. So I sort of fell into my process and I am some glad that I did.

That is my story and I believe that my hybrid versus iron quandary is over. I am ecstatic about my current club composition in my bag and probably will not seek to change it for some time. Now, I just need to continue to try to perfect their use. That is another journey and story for the future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Hybrids Vs Irons The Same Old Argument

  1. In the early 2000’s I attended a demo day and tried out the original Adams Idea Pro Hybrid and immediately bought the 20 and 23 degree. I took the tree and four iron out of the bag and have never looked back. They had no offset and I found I could work the ball. Best club ever out of the rough and great off the tee. Had

    I replaced them several years later with Adams XTD Titanium until I wore them out. Recently replaced with Tour Edge CBX which are very much like the old Adams.

    I have found that a lot of hybrids have too much offset. Find a good players hybrid and they are gold. In fact, three of my hole in ones are with hybrids.

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  2. Jim, I bought a 3 hybrid two years ago at a demo day. After I received it, all I could hit was pull hooks. My pro straightened me out in a lesson but I reverted and benched it. Obviously the problem is with the carpenter, not the tool 🙂



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    • Brian,

      There is no wrong answers here. Whatever you feel most comfortable playing are the clubs you should play. I have a tendency to pull or hook my hybrids sometimes. My mistake is usually ball position in my stance. I found that I have to play my hybrids just back a bit to keep them straight. But, that fix is for my swing. I think you should be daring next time you go to the range and dig it out for fun. 😉

      Cheers Jim

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  3. I’ve watched a ton of youtube video’s this past year. I’ve seen some who still look down on the idea of hybrids or things like 7 and 9 woods for themselves or who voiced worry about what others would think. But real pro’s on the tour are carrying those same clubs. Ego is a game killer. I left my old set of Adam’s Tight Lies when I moved as I hadn’t been using them for a year anyway and was enjoying the success I was having hitting an “old fashioned” full set of irons after my first lesson had sunk in. It made me feel good. And no one can tell me you don’t look good striping a 3 iron down the fairway. But that’s ego. The truth of the matter is a 5 wood is easier to hit and flies farther and generally higher than a 3 iron and you look just as good when stripe it.

    I bought my one length hybrid on a lark but it’s replaced the 3 iron. And it in turn may one day get replaced by a 5 wood. We’ll see. The 4 iron though will likely get replaced with a cut down 7 wood. I’ll be filling a gap so between shaft length and the adjustable loft they all come with now, I should find the perfect distance with that solution. And have the easiest way to get the ball in the air and stop fast between 190 and 210 based on my previous experience with a 7 wood. The tech is better for both head and shaft today than what we got with those first gen Adams Tight Lies and I got between 170 and 200 with that club. It was a true goto club for me back then. I’ve been hitting my 4 iron well. Today I only used it once but I landed just a few feel short and 15 feet right of the flag in the fringe and was putting for birdie so no complaints. But I do believe a 7 wood would still easily up the confidence levels and reduce the number of times I misjudge and skip the ball off the back over the 4 iron.

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    • Kevin

      There is no wrong answer when building a ser of clubs. The difference between how clubs feel, their look and our ego is a great point. Ego is a hinderence for sure. Controlling it can be a challenge. It looks, however, as if you ight have cracked the code.

      Cheers Jim


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