How To Successfully Hit A Hybrid Revisited

When hybrids were first introduced in 1998, they were touted as a specially club to help amateurs hit their ball out of tight lies. “The very first hybrid was the “Baffler.” Introduced by Cobra Golf in 1998, the actual design dates back to the 1970s. Designed to help players who struggled with irons, the Baffler quickly became popular with all levels of golfers. That popularity inspired TaylorMade to invent a line they call the “Rescue” clubs. Rescue clubs debuted in 2003 and today TaylorMade offers an entire line of hybrids.” ( Since their arrival some 30+ years ago, hybrids have grown in popularity to a point where the PGA players started using them in 2009. In modern golf, the hybrid is probably the most impactfully club introduced to the masses. Knowing this, unfortunately, does not help players hit this revolutionary club any easier. So, what is the secret to success?

My Mizuno 3 hybrid

Hitting a hybrid is actually easier than we think. I have successfully used hybrids for years by swinging it like an iron vice a wood. The ball rockets off the face of my hybrids without losing any accuracy. A good explanation of my technique is best describe as this: “Move it into the centre of your stance so that your hands are a fraction ahead of the ball – this will help you create more of a downward angle of attack for greater compression at impact. You can even move your weight slightly forward at address to further encourage this feeling. Basically, imagine you’re hitting an iron and don’t be afraid to take a divot. It’s how some of the world’s best play shots like this.” (Golf Monthly) Also, I wrote about my experiences with hitting hybrids with success about a year ago: Hitting Hybrids Properly. I know what your are thinking: If I have covered this topic, why revisit it, right?

What I try to do was find a simple, repeatable, and sustainable drill or movement that would help you, the reader (and me of course), improve your ball striking with hybrids. After acquiring the knowledge of how to do something with my golf clubs, it is important to take this knowledge into the realm of activity. Sometimes this transition is very difficult, but in this case, I think I found a video by Michael Breed from 7 years ago that might help. His simple explanation in under a minute encapsulates many of the swing movements needed to properly hit a hybrid.

Keeping our sternum pointed slightly in front of the ball during contact with our weight slightly forward creates that angle of attack required to create crisp contact with our hybrids. To hit a hybrid properly, we need to hit down on the ball with a steeper angle of attack. This movement plays into the strength of what hybrids bring to our game. Additionally, it can be used regardless of the lie of your ball. In the fairway or rough makes no difference. I even use my hybrid out of fairway bunkers that has a little or no lip. Hybrids have definitely earned the nickname of ‘rescue club’.

Hybrids have changed the face of golf over the past 30+ years. Originally used to replace the 5 wood and long irons, hybrids can be found to make up more of the mid irons as well. Their popularity can be traced to ease of hitting hybrids over the other ‘longer’ clubs. The real proof is that professional golfers are choosing hybrids over long irons. The Pros would never use them if their was no advantage to putting this club in their bag.

Hitting a hybrid successfully is rooted in the angle of attack. Michael Breed gives us a simple technique to use that improves contact while maintaining accuracy. It will take some practice, but I can tell you from personal experience that transitioning to hybrids elevated my game to the next level. With a little practice, it might do the same for your game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “How To Successfully Hit A Hybrid Revisited

  1. There are times that come up occasionally when I miss my 3 iron but they are rare. And to be honest with myself they are all because I haven’t spent the time practicing the oddball shots like when you have to slice one around the corner to get out of trouble. I did that well with the 3 iron and it came easy. Not so with the hybrid. Yet anyway.

    But I’m with you in that making the change to hybrids was a big win for me overall. I don’t carry a 3 hybrid. I use a 5 wood instead. But I do have a 4, 5, and even a 6 hybrid in my bag today and all three are clubs I would not give up easily now.

    As for hitting them, yesterdays tip from Crossfield will help too.

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    • Kevin,

      I have stuck with the 3 and 4 hybrid. They seem to fit my game best. I am comfortable hitting a 5 iron higher. It is all about preference and comfort. I am glad you like Crossfield’s tip.

      Cheers Jim


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