A Putting Tip That Works Every Time

As a golfer, finding tips that work all the time is a challenge. Finding putting tips that work for my mental and physical game is a treasure. After my 36 putts from the first round of the year (three days ago) I decided to see if I was missing something on the greens that needed fixing. Well the short answer is yes and no!

As I started to look for the next great putting tip, I had to give my head a shake. I questioned my approach of trying to find something new this early in the season. I mean, I still feel the rust on my game. As I have said in the past, now is not the time to panic. It is the time to reach back into my archives and focus on a putting tip that works all the time! It is simple and always helps me improve my score by improving my effectiveness of the flat stick.

My tip is very simple: Back 6 Forward 12.

My first and most basic putting tip ever is to take the club head half as far as the follow through. This movement ensures your putter head follows through twice as far as you take it back.  This will allow for solid ball striking and a greater chance the ball will travel on its intended line. I realize that some will say that this type of movement messes with ones tempo, but it actually does not. The tempo says the same, but the extended follow through ensures that I never stub a putt.

Distance control is determined by the draw back, as always. My focus and technique for determining line is the same. I just need to ensure that I have an intentional follow through to allow my ball to roll smoothing on the green to a point at least 8 inches past the hole.

All of these factors were not as apparent during my first round. I expected to have some inconsistencies on the green, however I failed to keep my fundamental putting tip of Back 6 Forward 12 at the forefront of every putt. Thus, I was short on many putts and we all know that 100% of short putts never go in. During my second round yesterday, I made sure my never fail putting tip was used during every shot on the green and the results were a dramatic increase in my number of putts during the round.

Finishing with 31 putts (anything under 30 is always my goal) was a good turn around for my short game. My score also benefitted because I shot a smooth 79. Now that I have my fundamental putting tip back, I will slowly focus on other areas in which to improve. But for now, my Back 6 Forward 12 putting tip proves that it works for my game every time.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “A Putting Tip That Works Every Time

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  2. That 79 you shot is respectable no matter what, but especially just coming off your long, long, lock down. Good job.

    I had plenty of GIR’s today and too many putt’s. They just didn’t want to fall for me most of the day. I left quite a few hanging over the hole though so the 32 putt’s didn’t really feel bad. I only missed my line once. It was speed where I seemed just off today. But a day with few knee-knockers and lots of tap in’s feels like easy golf and I finished with a 1 over 66 at the home course.

    The past week or so I haven’t felt like I had much game, but today, I felt like I was back.

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      • I just finished a week and a half of mediocre golf at best but I’m back on the rise now I think. One over yesterday and today I shot 2 under with 30 putts. 12 on the front where I was 3 under after 7, and 18 on the back where I lipped out 4 decent birdie attempts inside 10 feet and got a couple long ones to go close too. And no three putts today. Looks like my 3 month cycle is about to peak again. I lost the stroke on 17, but that’s a tough 195 yard par 3 so a bogie there doesn’t feel too bad. Especially when your par putt almost falls. Came close to getting it back on the last, but ran it past the break and missed by millimeters. It didn’t lip, but it got as close as you can get and not. I put more blame on the chip that stopped too short than the putt for that miss.

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