Phil Mickelson Making History Is Inspiring

Phil Mickelson won his 6th Major yesterday, the 103 PGA Championship. Making history as the oldest Major winner, I wonder what is in store for him moving forward. Phil has proven he can still compete at the highest levels. Unfortunately, I missed all the action due to a sudden unexpected need to help a friend. It is all good because this was definitely more important. However, I cannot overstate the importance of Phil’s win and congratulate him on his historic win. As an aging golfer, I am inspired by his efforts at The Ocean Course and his ability to handle the pressure down the stretch.

I want to change tracts just a bit and brag about my daughter. Two years ago she decided to take up running and competing in some amazing events. Since, she has broken down so many personal barriers that leaves me inspired. To say she was fearless would not actually be accurate. What does inspire me is that regardless of her apprehension to continually expand her borders, she never lets the chance of failure stop her from succeeding. And this lead to her latest accomplishment yesterday, she complete her first half-ironman.

70.3 Chattanooga

Touted as: A Popular Race for Beginners and Veterans Alike.

“Chattanooga, TN lures athletes with its dramatic scenery, idyllic weather and low-key southern charm. This town, known for its abundance of exploration opportunities, is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Sunbelt Bakery IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga offers the perfect training opportunity for those getting ready for the September race, or a chance to race in one of the sport’s most welcoming race sites for those seeking a half-distance race opportunity.”

For those unaware, this race entailed: “Athletes will enter the water in a rolling start and head straight down the river for a 1.4 mile stretch before exiting at the beautiful Ross’s Landing Park.” Next was the bike portion: “The 56-mile course has approximately 2,200 feet of climbing.” Last was a half-marathon: “Total elevation gain for the run is around 800 feet.”

Okay, I will stop bragging. But I will say, again, that I am totally inspired by my daughter as she navigates her journey through her new awareness of physical training. What I take from her amazing feats are that my I should not be afraid to continue to expand my borders of my golf game. I sometimes adopt tunnel vision and only focus on what I think I can achieve instead of what will make my game better. I guess inspiration can be gained from many sources.

Inspiration to improve our golf game can come from different sources. It does not have to come from aging legends like Phil Mickelson. It can magically appear from the the many awesome people that have entered into our 3 foot space. To my daughter, I so very proud of you! I hope you continue to breakdown all your personal barriers.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “Phil Mickelson Making History Is Inspiring

  1. Jim, congrats to your daughter. That is quite an achievement!

    The Phil victory was stunning and something I didn’t believe he could pull off. I’m thinking “Phil at 50; why not me at 60?” He appeared to be using some kind of mental technique to calm himself throughout. I’m sure we’ll hear about it in the days to come.



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    • Brian,

      Thanks, I am a proud Dad for sure. As for Phi, he never ceases to surprise us and I agree that his game will be dissected over the next while….at least until the next Major. I wonder if it will generate the same hype as Tiger’s last Masters win?

      Cheers Jim

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      • Jim, was reminiscent of Darren Clarke’s win at The Open when he worked in some techniques from Bob Rotella. I can’t wait to learn of Phil’s new secret sauce!


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