When Your Golf Score Never Matters

Yesterday my 2021 golf season started anew. After 6 weeks of a delay, we were finally able to hit the links. The course was full all day, but you would never know it by how professionally the staff managed the tee time flow and how players respected the social distancing rules. The day was over cast, warm, and breezy; in other words it was the perfect day to resume golfing. Since yesterday felt like our first day on the links in 2021, I focused on one thing and one thing only: having fun.

I will start off by saying I failed pictures. I was enjoying my round so much I neglected to take any shots of my home course of Osprey Links I will have some after the next time I play on Monday. The course is in great shape. The maintenance staff (who the GM said were sad to see the course fill up (tongue in cheek of course)) were not idle during the hiatus because the course looks fantastic. Craig Moody and his staff have the course in the best shape for this time of year that I have seen in my 10 years of playing at Osprey Links. A huge Bravo Zulu to the maintenance staff for sure.

Before teeing it up, I decided to forget the score. Yesterday was about soaking in the beautiful surroundings and mentally enjoying the freedom to play golf again in 2021. As it turned out, this was the perfect approach to the start of my 2021 season. As a matter of fact, the first round of the season is the exact time when my golf score never matters. I keep it for my stats, but analyze nothing except……

My putting stunk. I scored a round of 83 with 36 putts! Yup, 36 putts in one round. That is ridiculous. Okay, I am done. As I wrote the last line I was smiling because I actually do not care about the number of putts I made. Now, talk to me in a month and we shall see how I feel about my putting.

Another bright not about playing yesterday was we saw Ellie. She is the cutest dog and has an amazing personality. I enjoy seeing here every time I go golfing because she helps keep the geese population under control. Here is a picture of Ellie from March:

My first round of golf is in the books. I am ready my next round tomorrow and will still not ramp up the expectations. I generally way until June every year before starting to focus on areas that I an improve. I see no reason to change that approach. For now, yesterday’s round was great fun and is considered the score that never counts.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “When Your Golf Score Never Matters

  1. I am glad you are back playing and share your joy, it has been a long six weeks for all of us in Ontario.

    Since I live in the middle of my home course, I managed a few pitches and putts during the stay at home order and longed for my next game.

    So yesterday, score was secondary although I actually played pretty well starting with a par on one and chipped in for eagle from twenty yards on the par five second hole. What could possibly go wrong……… golf of course. The end score of 80 was a wonderful restart to the season, although 79 would have been better, alas such is golf and being a legend in my own mind.

    Today for my second game and a great forecast, our group brought out our hickory clubs. Playing the old clubs is exhilarating and gives you a respect for the roots of the early game. Scoring is secondary to having a great time. Although I will admit that my 82 was quite satisfyingly.

    It is good to be playing again. The course was busy, but almost everyone had a big smile on their face which is what it is all about.

    Well, game three goes tomorrow just before lunch with great potential of personal achievement. But whatever the score, I will enjoy myself and the company of three great friends that share my love of the game. Like you, I am a grateful golfer.

    Jim, have a good game tomorrow.

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  2. Jim, congrats on Re-opening day! You’re treating the round like an extended spring training outing which is smart. I always wondered why we measure ourselves by our 18-hole scores in our first round when our full games are rusty. Professional baseball pitchers only go an inning or two and build up their stamina during the exhibition season. I guess we can’t quit after 3 holes (nor would we want to). 🙂

    Glad you’re back,


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  3. Glad to here you could finally join us. And an 83 with 36 putt’s means you played pretty well. I’d take that as a positive for sure. Now let’s see you knock off 11 putt’s. 🤞

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