A Weak Finish Hurt My Golf Score

On Sunday, I was able to scoot out for a round of golf. It was a beautiful day and I fortunately the course was relatively empty so I walked on. At the 4th hole, I met up with my friend Fernando and we finished the 18 holes at a nice leisurely pace. Additionally, we met up with Tim and Ron on the 10th hole to round out our foursome. Overall, it was a great day for golf and I played with some fun guys. However, I did notice that I finished weak on both nines that did hurt my golf score.

To quickly sum up what happened, I bogeyed holes 8, 9, 17 and 18 for a final score of 2 over 73. Now, before you focus on my final score, under stand that I was 1 under coming into the 2 final finishing holes of each nine. My score was looking very good and I was playing very consistent golf. The funny thing is that on each of the four holes, I made one poor shot that cost me a stroke. And each shot was with my wedge!

Yup, I could not believe it! I missed 4 easy shots (obviously it lowered my GIR as well). Three were long and one was a chili dip. I could make up excuses for why missed each shot, but that will not help; basically I misplayed the shots because I lost focus for a moment. It happens and I understand that I need to stay in the moment for the entire 18 holes. So, I do not have any words of wisdom to rectify this situation except to to stay focused.

To be fair, I did relax on each hole because we were having a great time talking about many things. I let my guard down and it cost me 4 strokes. On the bright side of the round, I made 2 birdies and 12 pars. That is pretty solid golf. Of the pars, I only had to sink 1 longish putt for the save. The rest were very routine.

My score was very decent (helped lower my index to 4.6) and it is perfect tune up as I enter into a 2-day competition tomorrow. I hope I play as well on Tuesday and Wednesday and help my team take back the Caulder Cup to my home course of Osprey Links.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “A Weak Finish Hurt My Golf Score

  1. There is nothing more frustrating that blowing a good game with a weak wedge shot. And to do it 4 times must really hurt. I feel your pain. It’s so much easier to forgive ourselves over a swing with the driver or a long iron than with the wedge. More proof that there’s good reason golf is a four letter word.

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