Is A Climbing Golf Index A Cause For Concern?

For any golfer who has an official handicap index, they watch the sliding number as they navigate the ups and downs of their golf season. The challenge with players in northern climes, like myself, the roller coaster ride of index changes is a yearly evet that is unavoidable and somewhat frustrating. The real question for the players who have a shortened season is when do we take note of our rising handicap and take steps to address potential issues that might have long term adverse affects.

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How Often Do You Shoot Your Golf Handicap Index

As a golfer, creating a handicap index is the a fundamental process important to your game improvement. I realize much of the local golfing industry has moved away from supporting a handicap index by the format of their tournaments. Who needs a handicap if you never plan to compete in events that require one. That is a topic worth pursuing in the future. However, today is a simple knowledge question of how often do you think you shoot your handicap…..if you had one?

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A Weak Finish Hurt My Golf Score

On Sunday, I was able to scoot out for a round of golf. It was a beautiful day and I fortunately the course was relatively empty so I walked on. At the 4th hole, I met up with my friend Fernando and we finished the 18 holes at a nice leisurely pace. Additionally, we met up with Tim and Ron on the 10th hole to round out our foursome. Overall, it was a great day for golf and I played with some fun guys. However, I did notice that I finished weak on both nines that did hurt my golf score.

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Expectation Management in Golf

Good shot or poor shot, Every shot is an opportunityto learn to be a better golfer.I thought it might be time to reign in my expectations on how good of a golfer I can really become. I have talked about being a scratch golfer for years and the closest I came was 2 years ago with a handicap index of 2.7. Last year, due to many reasons, the closest I came to my goal was 3.8. That is a full 1 point higher than the previous year! What the heck is going on? Continue reading