Thoughts on the Eye Line Putting Aide

For Christmas I asked for two golf training aids. The first one I want to talk about is the Eye Line putting aide. I waited until now before writing about this training aide because I wanted to use it a few times before making any comments.  It is designed to align all your body parts and reinforce a straight putting stroke. So, in my stocking it went.

What originally caught my eye was the simplicity of the device. Using a mirror and some lines, it offers instant feedback on shoulder and eye positions. As it turns out, neither of these were in the proper position according to this device.

My shoulders were open and aimed to the left. This makes sense because if I miss a putt, it is usually to the left. So, by properly aligning my shoulders as indicated on the mirror, I was able to correct my body position before making my putting stroke.

Seconded was the eye position. As it turned out, I was standing too erect and my eyes were more over my feet than the ball. This is known problem in my putting stroke, but it helped reinforce the fact that I need to be over the ball more. At this time, I find this position a bit uncomfortable, but I understand the need to make this minor adjustment.

Notice the excellent guide lines and holes to create putting gates and promote accelerated contact through the ball.

The Eye Line has other features that I cannot use indoors…..yet. The use of tees is required, but I can see that it uses putting gates and a feature to reinforce accelerating through the putt. I especially like the last feature as it promotes my “Back 6 Forward 12” philosophy of putting.

Using the Eye Line, I found two aspects that users must be weary of before taking all the feedback a gospel. First, make sure you device is perfectly aligned with your target. Close enough does not suffice; I was aimed slightly left on my initial use and as such the training aid provide false alignment data. Second, given my type of putting stroke, the mirror directly behind the ball scuffs easily. This is not a big deal, but is starting to happen after just 3 uses.

Overall, I am very happy with my new putting aide. Eye Line will provide much needed feedback on my putting stroke and body alignment. Some of the features could be reproduced without the Eye Line, but as a total package, it has great value and worth the purchase.

Have you ever used the Eye Line?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Eye Line Putting Aide

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  3. Great review sir, have been curious about what an Eye Line would be like. Please keep us updated on how many more putts you make in the new season! And I was also wondering if it would stand up to constant use. Thanks.

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