Evolution not Revolution!

Talking about golf everyday is great fun. I enjoy writing my musings down to help and sharing them. If you are a regular follower, you understand that most of  the time our discussions is more about idea sharing than actually changing the fundamental aspects of our golf swing. I have not made any major changes in years, but only tweak things here and there. Rob Bensted (a twitter follower of The Grateful Golfer) reminded me that my daily writings could be misconstrued as someone who does not have a consistent golf swing because I am always changing things. Well that is just not so.

There is a difference between working on your fundamental swing than making a significant change. There are times when a change is required, don’t be afraid. Be brave like Brian Penn, from All About Golf, who 3 years ago started the journey of changing his golf swing. He was successful before, but stopped improving. Now, his potential seems limitless. He wrote an article about a lesson he took years back that is well worth the read.

Working on my golf swing is an evolution. I cannot score lower if I do not try making minor adjusts. How will I ever know if what I am doing is the right thing if I am afraid to step out my comfort zone? The short answer is I cannot; so I must try to evolve my game with changing so many things that a revolution is started in my head and body where nothing works.

As you continue to read my ramblings, please keep the perspective that our discussions help evolve my game. If I need drastic changes, I will seek professional help with a specific question or challenge. It does not mean that every time we take a lesson that a revolution has started, it just means that a second set of eyes can help refine our fundamentals better than what we can do on our own.

Is your game in a state of Evolution or Revolution?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Evolution not Revolution!

  1. Jim, totally get where you are coming from. Not every blog post means you changed something even if you propose it in the article. The exchange of ideas iss how we grow as a player and certainly makes for more interesting content.

    My game has always been in a state of evolution. When I decided to take the lesson (and thank you for the kind reference), I had a revolution in my mind, and while the changes made felt quite radical, the actual delta was probably small. If you videoed my swing prior to that lesson, and after three years of lessons, you’d probably not notice much difference. Tis the nature of playing a game for over 40 years. Some things are just built in over time, and as you mentioned, just need to be tweaked.

    Great post and thanks!


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    • Thanks Brian, we are definitely on the same page. After 40 years of play and being a low handicapper, I do not see any radical changes in my future. It is all a matter of minor adjustments and more practice.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Well, I spent years never breaking 80 but coming close so often that it bugged me to no end that no matter how much practice I put in, I just wasn’t really improving. Then I took one lesson. And now my best game is 2 over. I call that revolution. I still haven’t got a new net for the back yard, but I firmly believe that is all I need to help take me the rest of the way to par.

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    • Kevin,

      It really depends on what you changed. Taking one lesson and changing something after years of effort is still evolution in my mind. If you took a lesson and change something every two weeks without working at any changes, that is revolution to me. Regardless, I am happy to hear your game is continuing in right direction.

      Cheers Jim

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