Who Needs More Than One Wedge – I Do!

In my younger playing days, I rarely used anything other than a pitching wedge for shorts within 100 yards. I would open the face, hood it, over swing, and choke down for delicate shots. It was my everything club and I thought I was playing great golf. At that time I was a solid 12 handicapper and felt that by focusing on one wedge, I held the secret to lowering my index. Boy, could I have not been more wrong!

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Evolution not Revolution!

Talking about golf everyday is great fun. I enjoy writing my musings down to help and sharing them. If you are a regular follower, you understand that most of  the time our discussions is more about idea sharing than actually changing the fundamental aspects of our golf swing. I have not made any major changes in years, but only tweak things here and there. Rob Bensted (a twitter follower of The Grateful Golfer) reminded me that my daily writings could be misconstrued as someone who does not have a consistent golf swing because I am always changing things. Well that is just not so. Continue reading

Playing on a Familiar Golf Course

Are you a member at a golf course? Have you played there for years? If so, then you might unwittingly be a victim of your own familiarity. Yes, that is right; If you are not careful, playing the same course most of the time is not good for your golf game! Familiarity breeds complacency, sloppy course management, and the “I have always played this hole this way” attitude. All of which results in high scores and a tendency to accept mediocrity! Continue reading

Course Management – Crazy Man Style

Grip it and rip it!

The only way to play golf is to hit the ball as hard as I can and as far as I can every time! The initial logic of this style of course management may have you shaking your head, but let me lay out my reasoning.

  • By hitting the ball as far as we can off the tee, a shorter second shot awaits the daring;
  • A shorter second shot, means a even shorter iron and a greater chance to improve our GIR stat;
  • Attacking the pin on every shot results in shorter putts;
  • Hitting long irons and fairway woods when possible improves our changes at eagle; and
  • Putting the ball with enough speed to roll past the hole ensures the ball always has a chance to drop in.

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