How My Putting Goes, My Score Goes

There is a constant in everyone’s golf game. Some have challenges with driving, others with their short game. Personally, my challenges are all rooted in the short stick. I have shot in the 70s in my last 19 games. My scores ranged between 78 and 71 with a current handicap index of 4.3. Obviously, I am very happy with my consistency and yet as a typical golfer, I always feel I can do better. 

Putting is the key to my low scores.

Before I start to dissect every aspect of my game, lets just cut to the chase. My scores are mostly dependent on my putting. The lower the score, the better I putted during that round. Of course other factors such as being in play off the tee or chipping well does have an impact, however putting is the key to lower golf scores.

As with all golfers, I hate to three putt. It is the one thing in golf I truly detest. Generally, I do not three putt often, but sometimes my putting is so poor, that three putting seems second nature. For example, yesterday I shot a 77 with four 3-putts. I mean, come on four 3-putts.

I have played enough rounds to understand that putting is the key to lowering my handicap. A wise player may say that I should focus more effort on the flat stick and in the short-term, that is a good strategy. However, it does not address my overall needs to being a scratch golfer.

I am hitting the ball extremely well off the tee and my approach shots are above average, so why spend time on things that are working, well, my immediate answer is “to keep my game sharp”. Just because one area of my game is working well does not mean I should ignore it. That is how I keep my overall game sharp.

Over the next few weeks, I have many tournaments, so practice time will be at a minimum. I will spend a bit more time putting, but now is not the time to panic. It is the time to remember that 19 games in a row in the 70s is a great run and that putting was a key component of that success. So I am going to relax, stay focused and keep reminding myself that I am a solid putter and more low scores are in my future.

How is your putting game lately?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

8 thoughts on “How My Putting Goes, My Score Goes

  1. Jim,

    Putting is definitely the great equalizer! My instructor gave me a putting tip yesterday and it really helped. I went out and played and didn’t even hit the ball very good as my body still isn’t feeling the best, but I scraped together a 76 which was pretty good for not hitting it very solid. I don’t think I missed any putts inside 6 feet — amazing what that does to the score!



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  4. Good luck on that. Putting is one area that seems most likely to give us all trouble from time to time. I know I struggle with it when the greens are slow more than when they are fast. I don’t know why, but it’s something I’ve noticed about my game. I putt better on fast greens. I seem to like downhill putts more than uphill which isn’t normal.

    I’ve worked hard on my putting. I practise it every night on the carpet. That’s helped a lot though it took longer than I thought it should to see the results on the course.

    The only advise I have for you on the subject is don’t let a bad day or two discourage you. Even the pro’s putt badly some days.

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