Golfing for Charity

Golf is a great sport to host a charity event. Participants receive a tangible something for the donation which usually includes meal and great prizes. The sold out charity golf tournament, Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare, starts today with a practice round and evening barbecue. On Wednesday, the actual day of the event, I can expect meals, prizes and a great time. In some cases, celebrities like Jeff Hutchinson, show up to lend their support for the charity; they add that extra something to the tournament. Keeping in mind that the tournament is to raise money for the charity, golf is still being played.

Some teams are competitive, while others are there for a good time. Regardless of why you entered, hitting a little white ball around the links is still the main focus of the day. As of this post, I still do not know who is on my team. I guess in the big scheme of things it does not matter, however I still like to keep my eye on the golf. I am sure our strategy will be simple with some focus on having a great time, but I still like to play my best for the team.

Keeping this in mind, the scramble format suits all my strategy plans and contingencies for last-minute changes. I cannot say for sure how my teammates want to proceed, so I will offer many possibilities depending on their level of expectations. I have a wide gambit of plans so I can adjust to just about anything.

There is one thing I like to keep as a constant while we play: keep the same order of hitting for all shots. It allows each player to understand their role regarding club selection and course management; for me I like to go last and provide the safety net for the team. I believe keeping the same hitting order is especially important for putting. By following the same person for the round, most players can glean an idea of how the putt will respond to their stroke and make any adjustments. Additionally, as I tell all my teammates, I hope I never have to putt!

I have golfed in many charity golf tournaments. I have never been disappointed by the level of quality and effort that goes into each event. Two of the most recent were the Medigas Charity event in Belleville, and the Veterans Day event in Woodbridge. Both were outstanding and expect that the Tee it Up for Mattawa Healthcare will be the same. Stay tuned for an update of the day’s events in a couple of days.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

8 thoughts on “Golfing for Charity

  1. Hi Jim,

    Great post. We had a small fundraiser for Fairways on the weekend however it was not quite like your event as I was trying to arrange it around working to pay the bills and running the nonprofit.

    We did raise a little money, had lots of fun and had great prizes that had been donated. I also had 4 hats signed by Graham DeLaet. It was a 4 ball scramble with kids encouraged to be on a team and I had two Fairways juniors on my team.

    Last year we had 6 teams, this year we had 11. All I can ask is that we continue to grow the fundraiser and raise a little more each year for our underprivileged juniors all over the world.


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  2. Jim, you will be golfing with a couple of Doctors, Bryan Williams & Clint Redhead and a fellow named Justin Avery who represents KPMG, a silver sponsor. Thanks for offering flexibility. Maybe see you this evening at the social, or if not, see you tomorrow at the golf course.

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  3. One of my clients hosts a Charity event every year here in Tampa Bay at the Belleair Country Club. It’s an awesome event that supports under privileged children and adults in the area. Belleair is a private club so for lots of us, it’s the only way we get to play there. The food is great and there are all kinds of great prizes. They also have an auction of goods and services donated for the event.

    Prizes have included cars, boats, trips, etc. so it’s very well supported by the local businesses. And not only do you get to play a great course, but most years one of the sponsors brings out exotic cars for us to drool over. I’ve got a picture of me revving the engine in a McLaren 750S from 2 years ago and our group picture that year was standing in front of a Jaguar F-Type.

    I’ll understand if you need to block this post, but I plug this tournament every chance I get. The website to register for anyone planning on being in Tampa Bay in November is You’ll find both good and not so good golfers there, but to win this tournament, you have to work. Our teams best attempt was a 63 and we didn’t make the top 3. But we all had a great time!

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