Maleah – “Smoochie Poochie” the Goose-Chaser

Every golf course has something special or a character that brings notoriety to the course. Well, Osprey Links Golf Course is not different . My home course has a new member who is famous for her ability to bring out the best in even the most disheartened golfer. Maleah or “Smoochie Poochie” aptly named by Mitch her friend and owner, only makes you smile as romps around the course on rodent and goose patrol.

Smoochie Poochie at Osprey Links Golf Course

Mitch says, “Now that the geese have returned for their usual fall migration, we have engaged Maleah as our goose control dog. Maleah is a three-year old full Siberian Husky, but looks like a pup. She is extremely friendly, but has a massive hate-on for geese (and groundhogs, but that’s another story).”

We know who is really in charge, Right Meleah!

Additionally, “she has become a fixture here at Osprey Links, and spends most of her day running on the course, eating hot dogs and getting belly rubs from members.” Meleah is fun to watch as she sprints around the course chasing whatever she can find. She is a wonderful addition to the Osprey Links Team and her customer service of cleaning up any dropped food items is second to none!

Does your golf course have a permanent fixture of notoriety? If so, what is it?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.


2 thoughts on “Maleah – “Smoochie Poochie” the Goose-Chaser

  1. It’s not my home golf course, but I played a small course (3500 yards or so) I haven’t been on in years this past weekend and it had some new things. First off, they had a new type of cart. Well, not so much a cart as a bicycle with a platform to put your bag on. It had nice bog tires and looked heavy. I didn’t try it, but I looked them over and decided I might one day just for the novelty. They also had new greens set up around the course with a separate “tee” box to use. You use a soccer type ball and kick it to the flag. There were kids out there playing that while I was playing. Not sure I liked the fact that they shared the space with us just because they seemed to be in my landing zone a lot on the first few holes. But, if that helps the course make money and keep the prices down for my golf game, I’m willing to be patient and give them a chance to try it out.

    And one last thing, playing that really short course made me feel like a pro. Driving a short par 4 or at least never needing more than a wedge to get the green after the tee shot was fun for a change. And telling my buddies I played 3 over didn’t hurt my feelings much either.

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    • Kevin

      There are so many cool things in your comment I do not know where to start. I will say that the new type cart sounds interesting, but not so sure it is a viable solution for carrying the bags.



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