A Busy Three Weeks Golfing

Yesterday I completed all my scheduled travels and now it is time to concentrate on my golf game. In the next three weeks, I have 4 tournaments and one possible golf course review. I am excited to playing regularly and hopefully this constant play will result in lower and lower golf scores.  

I am hoping to win a trophy or two over the next few weeks.

Next week, I have three tournaments. One charity event in support of the Mattawa Hospital and Nursing Home. This is a scramble event and I will be placed on a team. As a single, they asked if I had any preferences and I replied no. So, it will be interesting to see who I am paired with; I wonder who will be more surprised, me or them?

The next tournament is a senior men’s stroke play event at my home of Osprey Links. It should be great fun and extremely competitive. I am hoping to give a good showing and I think I might have a chance to win.

The third tournament is a fun day with work. It is a scramble event and our section put together a very strong team. Each team must have a beginner and we recruited our boss. He says he only plays once or twice a year, so he will be a great addition. The other two players have game, so we have a good chance at this event as well.

In two weeks, I am playing in a home and away with a local course. I was recruited by the senior men’s team and I was happy to accept. The best part is my friend Blair is my partner. This event is a scramble format and the point system will be explained to me later.

The course I might review is still in the planning process, so I do not want to give anything away. But have no fear, when arrangements are made, I will let you know.

Well, that is about it for now. Needless to say, I am looking forward to playing in the upcoming competitions. Each offers its own unique experiences and challenges to my game. Let us not forget that I am still in my course Match Play tournament and I plan to schedule my next match sometime this week.

My next three weeks is going to be very busy, but since it is golf, it is all good!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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