Golf Season Is Just Around The Corner

With 36 days to go before opening day, my anticipation for playing golf continues to grow. Many of you in the warmer climes have dusted off your clubs and are hitting the links already. Of course I am jealous, but there is nothing I can do about it at this time. With snow banks over 6 feet high in some areas, indoor golf work will continue for the foreseeable future. One of the positive aspects of the having so much time on my hands is my ability to plan out how much golf I plan on playing this season. And believe me, it is going to be alot!

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Watching a Major On TV

I should not be surprised by the response to my question a couple of days ago. Most respondents prefer to watch a golf Major from the comfort of their own home. I cannot say I blame them because I would fall in the same category. However, it is unfair for me to actually make that call since I have never experienced being at any professional golf tournament live. But, I guess I can only imagine that being home offers a better opportunity to see all the action.

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Sinking the Final Putt for the Win

Recently, I asked if anyone had sunk their final putt to win a match. Surprisingly, it was an overwhelming yes! I have to admit that I was surprised, but given the demographic of my blog I should not have been. Regardless, it is an awesome feeling and one I have only experienced a few times over the many years I have played golf. Continue reading

My Worst Swing and Best Shot in a Golf Tournament!

I have made some ugly shots over the years. I do not ever remember missing the ball, but whatever is next on the rug of poor shots, I was there. However, I can say that none of those really compare to what I consider my worst shot ever in a golf tournament. To describe the setting, I have to set the clock back about 30 years to a military regional competition I played in Kingston. To this day, I am still embarrassed that I played such an ugly shot. Let me explain! Continue reading

Frost or Rain Delays in Golf

As I walk from my car to the clubhouse, the sense of disappointment starts to grow as I see a congregation of players waiting to hit the links. They mull around the coffee pot making small talk waiting for the course Super to give the green light. As the numbers builds, so does our anxiety. Suddenly, everyone becomes a mathematician using complex algorithms to figure out when they will tee off and when we will finish. And that is before we factor in the ability of the players in front of us! Continue reading