Preparing for a Golf Tournament

The 100th PGA Championship starts today. With the last Major of 2018 underway, all the preparation is finished and the players are ready to put all the efforts to the test. Like these professionals, I have played in many tournaments and my success over the years is directly related to the how well I prepared to play. Of course, execution is always important, but the better prepared I was, the greater the success. I would suggest that the players teeing it up at Bellerive Country Club today feel the same way. Preparation is the key to winning golf tournaments! Continue reading

Winning At Golf

Okay you golf geniuses, what is the secret at winning at golf? There must be some magic formula that ensures I can walk into the winners circle more often than not. Is it a big secret that only you know and will not share? I mean come on, I need to know!

If the above paragraph sounds like questions you ask or even wonder about, then read on because I have the secret to winning golf tournaments. It is not a quick fix, but it is a sure-fire way to win at golf. It is not a quick solution, but it is simple and prove from my many years of playing.  Continue reading

Day Three – Ontario Golf Regionals for the Military

Day Three of the Ontario Golf Regionals for the Military started of just great. For the third day in a row, it was a hot day with beautiful sunshine. Atypical for late September, we hit 29° C with very little wind. It was a bit hot for playing golf, but who is going to complain about a perfect day. As I stood on the first tee, I was mentally ready to play solid golf. So off we went! Continue reading

Day Two – Ontario Golf Regionals for the Military

Day Two did not go as planned. I had hoped to build on my great back 9 from Day One, however instead it was the best grinding round I shot in a long time. Nothing was smooth and I fought against all my natural instincts. I am not sure what happened between the two days, but after 8 bogeys and a double, I walked off the course with a satisfying 81!

The course set up was more difficult than the day before.  We used some tee boxes that were not part of the practice round, but that is how things go. I cannot control these things, so I play the course they set up. On Day Two, the course was playing about 250 yards longer. This does not see much, but considering I was struggling, this extra distance made my round more difficult. Continue reading

Time for a Golf Tournament

I always wondered how many golfers like to participate in tournaments. I figure half the fun of playing is competition. Of course, each time we hit the links we compete against ourselves, but that is not really the same as challenging someone. Many play side games ‘to make their round interesting’, however, I rarely do this. I like to compete in tournaments that pits player against player.

Continue reading