Winning At Golf

Okay you golf geniuses, what is the secret at winning at golf? There must be some magic formula that ensures I can walk into the winners circle more often than not. Is it a big secret that only you know and will not share? I mean come on, I need to know!

If the above paragraph sounds like questions you ask or even wonder about, then read on because I have the secret to winning golf tournaments. It is not a quick fix, but it is a sure-fire way to win at golf. It is not a quick solution, but it is simple and prove from my many years of playing. 

If you are wondering, I have won over 15 golf tournaments through the years. These do not include Men’s Night events that are tournaments of a sort, but actual golf tournaments. My biggest win was the Ontario Region Golf tournament with the Canadian Military and that on did not have prizes. I have won single person stroke events and team Match Play and Scramble tournaments. All using the same method and strategy.

Apparently, I am not the only person who wins at golf:

My approach to winning at golf is twofold. The first is to trust my swing. I practiced and played for years and my swing on that day is what I have. I always need to trust that it will be enough to take me to the winners circle. This does not mean I will hit every shot perfectly, but when I do hit a poor shot, I trust I will not do it again. I do not try to change my swing, do something I had not practiced, nor think that anything should be fixed during the tournament. I always trust my swing and ride it to success!

Second, I play within myself. I hit shots I know I can successfully complete. Rarely, and I mean rarely, do I try a high risk shot unless the reward is through the roof. I will hit the safe shot 95% of the time and avoid risky shots over hazards. Sometimes I feel confident and will go for the money shot, but that is very infrequent. To win at golf, it is important I play within my game and make the shots I know I can make. This simple strategy is very important, but key to me winning at golf.

Winning at golf, for my game, is broken down to two things trusting my swing and playing within myself. They lay the foundation for success and with a few other factors, winning is almost assured. If you are wondering about the other factors:

  • a few lucky bounces
  • playing my handicap
  • weather (I do not like rain)
  • playing in the last two groups on the final day
  • the top player not playing their best

It is important to understand that I cannot control any of the above factors. So, I do not rely on them at anytime to win events. I stay focused on what I can control and let the rest unfold as it may. I find that staying focused on my game produces positive results. I think that if you use my strategy, you may have the same positive results.

What do you think about my method for winning at golf? Or do you have a better strategy?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Winning At Golf

  1. Jim, playing within yourself is always a winning strategy although I might be slightly less inclined in a match play event where you can gamble and if you fail, it only costs you one hole. Not so in stroke play where bogey isn’t the worst thing. Excellent point about trusting your swing; very important. Hope you get some wins this season!




      • Thanks Jim, the only thing I’ll be bringing home from Myrtle Beach is a lot of wet clothes. Heading into the teeth of Alberto. One year we played in torrential rain but it wasn’t tropical. This appears to be a different beast. Will chalk it up as one of life’s experiences 🙂



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