Product Review: PeakVision GX5 Sunglasses

PeakVision GX5 Sunglasses.

Wearing sunglasses while playing golf is a growing trend. Of course this might be an over simplification, but many of my friends wear them and yet, I have never really been a fan.

Recently, I was approached by Nicholas Feaser from PeakVision wondering if I was interested in providing a product review. I explained that if I was to provide an assessment, I would give my honest opinion of the product and not hold back. Before I get into the details, I do not generally wear sunglasses because I find it hard to read the greens. However, after my test run yesterday with the GX5s, I think I am a new convert.

PeakVison GX5 Sunglasses

PeakVision is a father and son organization and Nicholas provided the following information:

PeakVision is a statement company making a huge comeback. From licenses with Jack Nicklaus to support from famous pro golfers including Chip Beck, PeakVision is poised to change the way every golfer sees the game. We’re dedicated to changing the game, on and off of the course. We’re currently forming partnerships with the South Carolina Golf Association and Texas Golf Association to give back to our golf community by helping fund youth programs for golf.

PeakVision separates itself from other sunglass companies with our patented dual-zone lens technology. This lens technology consists of a 20% neutral gray that blocks out the sun and lessens eye fatigue, while the bottom 60% amber portion of the glass gives you 3x the visual information of your naked eye.

PeakVision is currently a father/son team. We have been in the process of rebuilding the brand since we purchased the assets from the original company just over a year ago!

You can read all the specs about the GX5s at the Peakvision website, however I want to highlight a couple of features that proved very valuable:

  • 20% Neutral-Gray Upper Zone Manages Glare
  • 60% Amber Lower Zone Increases Contrast
  • Optical Glass-like Clarity
  • Impact-Resistant Safety
  • 100% UV400 Protection

What all this means is that I could see better while playing. I found that the sunglasses made a difference while reading the greens; this was a huge concern of mine. Additionally, the “GX5 is Professional Validated for golf, tennis, baseball, hunting, cycling, equestrian & driving.” However, for golf, I can attest that they offer what they promise. If you wondering what the difference the patent technology makes to my vision here is what I saw:

Without PeakVision GX5 sunglasses

With PeakVision GX5 sunglasses

My assessment is based on comfort, eye strain, and of course how stylish they are. In the case of the GX5s, they passed with flying colours. I wore the sunglasses yesterday for 4 hours and they were as comfortable at the end as when I started. I generally have difficulty buying a set of sunglasses that actually fit because of the wide bridge of my nose, but the PeakVision GX5s eliminated that issue with the adjustable nose pieces.

Eye strain is another challenge for me while wearing sunglasses. Regardless if I am playing golf, driving, or exercising, sunglasses seem to tire my eyes. During my round I did not find I experienced any eye strain and my eyes were still fresh when I finished. After wearing the GX5s for 4 hours, I felt I could wear them longer without any issues.

Styling the PeakVision GX5 sunglasses

Lastly, the GX5s are stylish. They form fit my face, are comfortable, and are a great color. I rarely find a pair of sunglasses that fits all my requirements and the PeakVision TX5s exceeded my expectations.

Bottom line, I could see clearer and more effectively with the PeakVision TX5 than without. And that is the most important thing when buying sunglasses for golf.

With 10 different styles to choose from, this new sunglasses company offers something for everyone. If you are in the market for a new set of sunglasses, I would recommend you check out PeakVision. It may not lower your golf score, but you will be seeing things a whole lot clearer.

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Product Review: PeakVision GX5 Sunglasses

  1. Left this on FB too Jim. They look good!

    Hey Jim! I’ve worn shades on course for as long as I can remember. I got my first “real” pair of performance sunglasses way back in 2001 I think from Wiley X. My eyes are light sensitive and shades prevent headaches and sharpen up sight lines.

    Wiley has made sunglasses for the U.S. National Rifle team and had a line of shooting glasses I think.

    In any case, they are helpful to me, and it appears we share similar thoughts in the benefits. Enjoy your newly enhanced experience!

    Liked by 1 person

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