Men’s Night at Osprey Links Golf Course

I love playing in Men’s night. It is an opportunity to play some fun golf with absolutely no pressure. Last Wednesday, approximately 45 players(normally closer to 100 during mid-season) teed it up for a straight 4 man scramble. No special rules, nor were there any restrictions on putts or drives. It was a great game and to top things off, our regular crew was back together for the first time in 2018 with the exception of Jimmy D. He was an add on and fit in perfectly with Blair Rick and I. In case you are wondering, Men’s Night is more than just golf and here is why!

Jimmy D hitting his ball into the 9th green at Osprey Links Golf Course.

Men’s Night offers the opportunity to talk to old friends, make new friends, and play fun golf. The first event of the year offers most players a chance to see the conditions on the course. Jeff Rogerson, owner/manager, stated that Osprey Links is in good shape around the green and tee box, but they are about 1 month behind everywhere else. I think that is a fair assessment. The good thing is that conditions go grow grass over the next few weeks is very promising, so I expect the course will rebound very quickly from the delayed onset of spring.

Another fun aspect of Men’s Night is the food. Last week we had lasagna and chicken. Normally, we can choose from one or the other, but since it was the first Men’s night of the year, we were offered both. That was the best prize of all. Lori and her staff always put on a fantastic spread and last week was no different.

Lastly, Men’s Night offers some friendly competition. With 5 closest to the hole prize, flighted prizes, and sometimes sponsor prizes, there is a great chance to walk away with something. In our case, we won B Flight and walked away with 7 Osprey bucks. We can use these at the pro-shop anytime during the year. Additionally, we can accumulate the prices to buy something special. The friendly competition is a bonus without the pressure of more serious events.

Men’s Night is fun. If you have never played in this friendly event, I recommend that you if it a try. It is a great way to meet new friends, get to the course staff, and have fun in a friendly competition. I am a regular (well as much as possible this year) and look forward to next Wednesday.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Men’s Night at Osprey Links Golf Course

  1. Awesome eve for sure! Did you manage any of the closest to hole prizes? Lefty reigns! Well done to my great friend. Glad to see that you had a great night. Did you eat both chicken and lasagne and does your better half know? Watch the waist line for mid season form. Kirk


    • Kirk

      No closest to the hole this rime, but had my name on one of the cards. I did have both and they were delicious! As fsr as playing weight….mmmm…..never mind. 😂😂😂 Have an awesome week scooling the young fellas.

      Cheers Jim


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