Winning At Golf

Okay you golf geniuses, what is the secret at winning at golf? There must be some magic formula that ensures I can walk into the winners circle more often than not. Is it a big secret that only you know and will not share? I mean come on, I need to know!

If the above paragraph sounds like questions you ask or even wonder about, then read on because I have the secret to winning golf tournaments. It is not a quick fix, but it is a sure-fire way to win at golf. It is not a quick solution, but it is simple and prove from my many years of playing.  Continue reading

And Now What?

I thought my big run of playing golf was over until I remembered that I have a 54 hole event coming up in 3 weeks. I have played in this event for years and I am looking forward to it again. It will be my last big event before the end of the season as things will start to wind down because fall is upon us. Having just returned for a quick golf trip (articles to follow) I have about 10 days to prepare. Continue reading

Taking a Putt in Golf

How many times have you taken a putt? You know, when you miss your first attempt and walk up a pick your ball up. I have for sure over the years, but I like to think that I have a maximum distance before picking up my ball. Before you give me the lazy eye, I know we have all done it without any regrets.

In the big scheme of things, I do not sweat picking up the odd putt in the course of several rounds, yet I have to wonder if this is really helping my game. Of course the real answer is that it does hurt my game when I need to putt everything, yet sometimes I do not care and just want to have fun playing. Continue reading