Forgetting Our Last Golf Shot

What does Ben Hogan know!? His point about course management cannot be true. The only shot we need to worry about is the one I performing right now. I mean, why worry about the future. It has not happened yet.

Okay, I am sorry to doubting Ben Hogan, but I need to grab your attention. Course management is critical to lower golf scores. It is more than just hitting the ball, but planning and understanding the cause and effect of each shot. Like a Grand Master in chess, it is important the think a few shots into the future to choose the right shot now.

I continue to work on this aspect of my game and plan to focus a few articles in the near future on this very topic. If you have any recommendations to improve course management, then let me know what you are thinking.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Forgetting Our Last Golf Shot

  1. Jim, I look forward to reading your insights on course management. I also agree with all of Kevin’s points. The one thing I am observing about my course management, as I work and play through lessons, is that it’s directly correlated to my confidence in my swing. In other words, when I know that I can control my shots, I think more clearly and make better decisions. It’s not that I can’t think when I’m striking it poorly, but for some reason, it’s harder to stay on point when your unsure where it’s going. Strange the way the mind works.

    Thanks and bring it on!


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    • Brian

      It sounds like a confidence thing to me. When we are striking the ball well, we can place the ball better. Therefore, it is easier to make decisions. I can relate to your situation completely! More to follow on course management


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  2. Keep the ball under the hole on the green if at all possible. Off the tee, use the shortest club that gets me close enough more or less when there is trouble out there. And last, if I even think about having to hit it hard, go up a club because that thought is the harbinger of a bad swing.

    Other than those not so hard & fast rules, it’s a hole by hole and shot by shot decision process that takes knowing the course well. For me, I think the biggest help is knowing the greens and not just aiming at the flag. The straighter the putt I can leave myself, the easier I make the hole.

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