The Ghost of Golfing Past

We all know the story of Scrooge who was visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. After examining his life, Scrooge realized it was not too late to change and have a positive impact on the lives of the people around him. Ultimately, improving his 3 foot space.

To improve my golf game, I need to follow the same general process. Take account of how my game from the past, the current state of my game, and what my future looks like if I do not change. Of course, I do this every year in one form or another in the hopes of being a scratch golfer and this year is not different.

In the past, I focused my efforts in areas that I thought would improve my game. After reading Stop Guessing, I now understand that my fixes were not necessarily fact based. So, I started to wonder what exactly is holding me back to get to the next level in my game. As a result I compiled the following facts:

  • I average 240 yards off the tee
  • My 3-wood averages 225 yards
  • My hybrid averages 210 yards
  • I missed more greens from 100 yards than from 125 yards last year
  • I putted on average 30 times per round
  • I incurred an average of 1 penalty stroke per round
  • I shot my best scores in the morning or late afternoon
  • I my best scoring average was in competition
  • I practiced once a week – that was truncated most of the time
  • My ball striking was intermittent

Of the above facts, at least I feel they are facts, there are a couple that are very disturbing. The fact that I was more accurate from 125 yards than 100 with my wedges; I incurred 1 penalty stroke per round; and that I only practiced once a week. These three things are intertwined and by using Pareto’s formula I can see making great gains in my game this year.

Now that my life has settled down after my semi-retirement and move, I can devote more time to practicing. I will take the time to focus on real changes in my game and to work on areas that can help lower my score. In the past, I was determined to gain more distance; however after seeing my facts, I realize I need to work on my wedge play and course management. 2017 is a new season, now that I have a general plan to improve my game, I am excited to start hitting the links. Fortunately, the courses are just starting to open and I am ready for my new challenge.

Do you have a fact based plan to improve your golf game? If so, what is your primary focus?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “The Ghost of Golfing Past

  1. Jim, I like this honest self assessment. Simple numeric targets are easiest to focus on for improvement. Interesting factoid about the 100 vs 125 yard shots. Why do you think that happened?



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  2. For me, other than taking another lesson, I just want to add a net to the backyard this year. My last neighbor had one but he had the bad taste to take a new job out of state and of course took it with him. The nerve of some people. But while he was here, that net of his was a great help. You do need to be careful that you don’t ingrain a bad habit, but it’s a great tool to get more swing and ball striking practice with.

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  3. Good luck with your improvement plan! I don’t really have enough facts to implement one as I pretty much gave up using apps to keep data on my rounds when I went through a particularly random patch. Perhaps I should start again! Cheers, Rob.

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