The Rules of Golf Have Changed

Just in case someone was not paying attention, in January of this year, the governing bodies of golf have introduced new rules. After 5 years or so of deliberation, and much fanfare, a whole new set of rules and guidelines were introduced to make golf easier and more fun. I am not sure all amateurs are aware, but surely to goodness that the professionals were told about the changes!

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Asking For Advice On the Golf Course Is Okay or Is It?

A great deal of business is conducted on the golf course and asking business advice would be completely acceptable. I mean, it is the perfect place to talk shop and I am sure many million dollar deals are closed on the links. However, asking advice about golf while playing is a complete no-no! Yet, most of us still do!

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The Unofficial 2019 New Rules Test

The new rules are almost upon us and I came across a video that will see if you are ready for the new changes. It is, of course, unofficial but lots of fun. So, take a look at this 30 second video and see how many of the 2016 rules are broken. I am interested to hear what you have to say. I will post the your answers after Christmas. Continue reading

Golf Rule Number 11 – Teeing Ground

Knowing and understanding the rules of golf is important. As I work through my Golf Canada Level 11 officials course, Rule 11 caught my attention and I wanted to revisit it. The infographic below sums up most of the pertinent information, but there were a couple of other instances that caught my eye when reading the rules material. So, let’s get started! Continue reading

Golf Rule 23-1: Loose Impediments

Knowing the rules of golf could result in a hole in one; only if you understand and apply them properly. This famous picture has made its way around the social media circles recently with the question if the ball is in the hole or not.

In the hole or not? Knowing the rules of golf could result in a hole in one!

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