And Now What?

I thought my big run of playing golf was over until I remembered that I have a 54 hole event coming up in 3 weeks. I have played in this event for years and I am looking forward to it again. It will be my last big event before the end of the season as things will start to wind down because fall is upon us. Having just returned for a quick golf trip (articles to follow) I have about 10 days to prepare.

The Grateful Golfer preparing for Regionals  in 2014!

I am heading to the Ontario Regional Golf Competition which starts on 19 September. Most teams will consist of 5 male and 2 female players from Wings around the province of Ontario. I won this event, in 2009, on the same track and plan to use the same strategy.

As a reminder, the Ontario Golf Regionals, played at the Petawawa, Ontario, is a three-day stroke-play event with several competitions in one.  First, there is the overall team competition.  Each day, the lowest 5 scores of the seven players are counted to determine the total score for the Wing on that day.  (For those who think that the female scores do not count, think again; they are usually used a couple of times during the tournament)  After three days of competition, your total team score from the three days will be calculated and the lowest team score wins the event and crowned Ontario Regional Team Champions.  They receive a pennant which is proudly displayed at their home Unit.

I hit many 3 woods off the tee and kept the ball in play. The reason for this is that Petawawa is a tight course and course management is an absolute must! To prepare for this event, I plan to use many 3-woods of my home course and hit to yardage (specifically 100 yards) more often. I do not have much time to prepare, but I am confident I am ready.

Do you have any tournaments coming up in the near future? If so, how are you preparing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

2 thoughts on “And Now What?

  1. I love playing courses like that. In fact a buddy and I are hoping to squeeze in a day at Chi Chi tomorrow. This weekend isn’t looking good for golf. Anyway Chi Chi is a shorter course with a par of 62 that has four or five really tight holes on it. I use my 3 iron there a lot and that’s a personal comfort club off the tee for me. Long ago, I couldn’t hit a driver for some reason. I couldn’t get it off the ground anyway. Lots of worm burners. In fact, I got so sick of that that I took all my woods out of the bag for a year. Anyway, wish us luck. If we don’t get our golf in tomorrow, we’re out of luck until next week at best because of the hurricane and I don’t know which will kill me first. But I’m betting it’s no golf!

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