Being Prepared Helps My Golf Game

As I sit in the chemotherapy chair for part two of my 2-day treatment (second treatment), my mind races through all the tasks I need to complete everyday to prepare my mind and body for a success.. If you have never experienced cancer treatment as a patient, caregiver, family member or friend (I pray you never will), it is hard to fathom the multitude of tasks needing completion every day. I thought I was busy before, but now it can be a bit overwhelming. I do not think I will ever say ‘I do not have time’ to do something again. On a side note it is just as bad for the caregiver or family member helping every step of the way! My wife and best friend Teri can attest to that, she is awesome and a blessing everyday. I am grateful for all she does!

Well, how does this relate to golf. The obvious statement is if you do not practice a certain swing, you will not improve. This tenant is true for just about everything one wishes to improve upon, but there is so much more to your golf game than just practicing.

There is a bigger picture and my friends Brian from All About Golf, Mike from 36aday, Josh from Golf is Mental, Tiff from Fairways and Pete from White Dragon Golf could write a book at the lengths of preparation they go through to play golf. Actually, they do if you stop by their golf blog.

In my case, writing daily articles takes time and effort. Thinking about golf musings that entertain and inform the reader is both fun and frustrating. However, I can tell you everything is rooted in my preparation to play golf. Here are some of areas I focus on before I even swing my clubs:

  • Remaining physically fit. As long as I continue to work towards my goal as a scratch golfer, being physically fit is vital. Aside from my current health woes, I work on my aerobic, strength or stretching almost everyday. Without it, I would have to change my golf expectations.
  • Taking care of my equipment. Ensuring my clubs are clean, my golf balls are relatively new, my golf umbrella works, I have sun screen, and I have plenty of bug spray. If my equipment does not work (or worse I forgot it) I cannot play my best game.
  • I ensure my hats and shoes are appropriate for the weather. I have special shoes for very dry weather, wet weather and in between. I generally walk, so having the correct footwear is important to ensure I have enough energy down the stretch, especially on hot days.
  • Before tournaments, I hydrate, eat properly and try to get lots of sleep. Going into a tournament tired is a bad way to start. Additionally, during regular games I do the same, but life events sometimes puts a damper on this preparation.
  • I try to improve my knowledge through reading, watching videos and of course watching professionals play. I watch how they swing, but more importantly, I watch how they play. Their strategy, course management and club selection for shots is important to understanding how scratch golfers approach golf. I realize I cannot play to their level, but understanding why they are playing a specific shot does help with my course management.

Well, as you can see preparation is key to playing great golf. Golf is not about quickly throwing your clubs in your car, rushing to the course and running to the first tee. Without prior preparation I find it difficult to score well on the course. There are too many uncontrolled variables that could go wrong. So preparing to play great golf takes time and effort. By doing something everyday, I am not overwhelmed and ready to play at a moments notice. Do you prepare to play golf everyday?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Being Prepared Helps My Golf Game

  1. Hey Jim,

    First, thank you for the mention! Second, your attitude and fortitude as you face these treatments again is impressive and will serve you well to tackle it! Stay strong my friend.

    Lastly, I am a big fan of preparing. Ideally, I prefer to give myself at least 30 mins to warm-up before any round by hitting a few chips, a few bunkers shots, going through my routine on the range, and last hitting a few putts. Of course, it doesn’t always work out this way and I often find myself doing an abbreviated version of this, or heading straight to the first tee. Even if I don’t get my warm-up in, I just try to be thankful I’m getting the chance to play and not let it effect my confidence too much.


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    • Josh

      Thanks. Warming up is important. Unfortunately, that is the one detractor of my home course, no practice area. They have a putting green amd a hitting net. I am 100% behind being grateful everytime I play
      It is the cornerstone of my artitude on the course. Great hearing from you.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Jim, one of my friends is definitely a trunk to the first tee kind of guy. He has no idea of the amount of preparation required to play well. When you pull off a great shot that you’ve been practicing and someone ogles at it, it’s weird. You know you pulled it off because you’ve been working hard to prepare for it. They think it’s some kind of act of God 🙂

    I love the preparation aspect of the sport. When I don’t feel like preparing every day, I know it’s a sign to take some time off.

    Hope you are doing well and tolerating your chemo treatment to the best of your ability.

    Stay strong!


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    • Brian

      We are on the same page for preparation. Although I love playing golf, I also enjoy getting ready to play. I seems to keep me focused on important things for scoring low and actually saves time over the long run. I am doing fairly well all things considered. As the treatments move on things will be get tougher. Not sure scratch golf is in the books this year, but I am staying focused. Have a great weekend.


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  3. Funny you should ask. I was outside swinging my 8 iron in the backyard tonight under the floodlights practicing some fundamentals. I also did a little putting practice and some stretching and resistance training tonight. I won’t lie and say I do all that every night, but I do some exercises a few nights every week and I try not to forget to take 10 minutes and practice putting almost every night.

    As to your health, we all wish the best for you and your family. My stepfather went through chemo so I’ve some idea of what you have to go through. Keep the faith. You’ve still got a goal to reach and an audience to entertain and enlighten.


    • Kevin

      That is very kind of you to say. I am a grateful. I am glad to hear that you do some preparation as well. It does not have to be much. Even 1 minutes a night of putting pays off great dividends. We are entering the bug season, so practicing at night is a bit more challenging. I guess indoors work is on the book.



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