Preparing to Play Golf Without a Driving Range

The course I play on a regular basis does not have a driving range. There is a reasonable chipping and putting green and a driving net. Of course this is not the best scenario for preparing to play golf, but I have developed my own routine make the best of the situation. I use my system when preparing for tournaments and most rounds. Continue reading

Being Prepared Helps My Golf Game

As I sit in the chemotherapy chair for part two of my 2-day treatment (second treatment), my mind races through all the tasks I need to complete everyday to prepare my mind and body for a success.. If you have never experienced cancer treatment as a patient, caregiver, family member or friend (I pray you never will), it is hard to fathom the multitude of tasks needing completion every day. I thought I was busy before, but now it can be a bit overwhelming. I do not think I will ever say ‘I do not have time’ to do something again. On a side note it is just as bad for the caregiver or family member helping every step of the way! My wife and best friend Teri can attest to that, she is awesome and a blessing everyday. I am grateful for all she does!

Well, how does this relate to golf. The obvious statement is if you do not practice a certain swing, you will not improve. This tenant is true for just about everything one wishes to improve upon, but there is so much more to your golf game than just practicing. Continue reading


Another exciting day on the links is over. Today was not as successful as yesterday, but I had a fantastic time. Gone are the days of commiserating about the would a, should a, could a, about a round of golf. My score was a smooth 84. You are probably asking how I shot an 84? Well I missed a 1 footer for an 83 on the 18th hole!  The score is very interesting because my play was not as poor as it indicates. However, there were some marked differences between my first round and second round.

I thought it would be interesting to outline these differences and possibly suggest areas of improvement for tomorrow. So, here it goes:

Loyalist Country Club (12)Putting. During the first round I never missed a putt inside of 8 feet. I was on fire. During the second round I only made one putt inside of 4 feet. That four-foot difference was major today.  If I was putting with the same accuracy today as the first day, I would have shot 78. The difference between the first round and second was confidence. Early in my second round I missed a couple putts that I felt I should have made. After that it was a grind.

Getting off the Tee. First round I was striping the ball down the fairway, always. Second round….nope. The problem was my head. No literally, my head – it was like a bobble-head and I could not keep it still! Tomorrow, I will fix that problem.

Approach shots. First round, I chipped everything close and without fear. Today, I second guessed every shot. I could not get comfortable! I knew my distances and today, suddenly, I decided not to believe that I hit the ball to the right distance. Lastly, I gave the wind too much respect!

Okay, I think you get the point. I did not play well and that is life on the golf course. My expectations were high and I was not able to meet them today. Does that mean I should start the dangerous spiral of forgetting how well I can play….the answer is NO!

To all the Grateful Golfers out there – the real lesson from today’s challenges – the mental approach to golf! The real problem today was my mental weakness. I let False Evidence Appearing Real or FEAR affect my game. I started to count the score and convince my brain that all was good. Instead, what I should have done is focus on each shot, pay attention to what the course was offering and trust in my swing! Tomorrow will be a different day and I will be mentally stronger and better prepared for an awesome time on the links!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!