Is There A Thing Called “Proper Technique” When Putting

After years of studying, trying and experimenting, I have drawn the conclusion that there is no on proper technique for putting. Yup, I said it! I have tried different grips, stances, clubs, (mallet and blade), balls, and crazy things to try and determine what putting style works best for my game. After many years of trial and error I have found something that works, but it does not work for my friends or other players. Knowing this, I have concluded that putting is as unique a snowflake.

Before some of you start yelling at the computer and pointing out my flaws in my logic, just look at the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and The Champions Tour and tell me that there is a “proper technique” to putting. I will admit that there are several aspects of the putting stroke that will facilitate success, yet would they be considered proper.

I could delve into things like a square putter face, tempo, grip and stroke length that are widely considered to be key to putting success, yet I have not found on definitive ‘must do’ that fits all golfers. In the case of putting I think that the 80% solution is what works. If the technique you are using (trying) results in no more than a 2 putt 80% of the time, then this particular technique is worth investigation. For example, I developed my personal mantra of ‘6 back 12 forward’ when putting. This particular technique promotes solid ball contact with my flat stick. I find it very helpful, but it does not work for everyone who has tried it.

I also wrote a 5 part putting series a long time ago that touches on all the areas the could make us successful on the greens. This series of articles touches on all the aspects of good putting (in my opinion) because they touch the fundamentals. However, they do not work for everyone because every golfer is unique. I recommend trying the different techniques, keep what works and discard what does not. It is the nature of all golfers to keep what works for their time. Part 1 of the series can be found here and then there are 5 articles in a row on putting if you are interested.

Putting is the most personal stroke in your game. I do not believe that there is one technique that works for all players. Having said that, the fundamentals of putting work for me and I think will work for most players. Even these basic tenets need to be refined by each player to fit their game. So, if you are working on your putting, do not be afraid to experiment to develop a stoke that works for you. Us others advice (especially mine) as a guide and not the definitive answer. By following your own path, I see lower golf scores in your future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Is There A Thing Called “Proper Technique” When Putting

  1. With just 5 rounds in I’m sure these numbers will change drastically over time but they look pretty good at the moment thanks to most of the rounds being played at the home course. I’m averaging 28.8 putts per round. 1.8 putts per GIR. 31% of first putts have fallen. 68% of putts are down in 2 and just 1% have come up 3 putts.

    Then there is putting by distance numbers. 0-3 feet I’ve seen 98% fall. Just 44% from 3-6 feet but 91% of 6-9 footers are falling. Back down to 45% for the 9-12 footers and a whopping 60% in the 12-18 foot range I’ve dropped. 25% in the 18-24 foot range.

    Lowest putts came in at 27 so far and the longest putt dropped from 62 feet. Average holes per 3 putt is now at 90. I think the worst stat is 61% have missed short. And the best stat I see so far with the new GPS system is I’m leading tour players so far with putts inside 20 feet. By less than a point, but leading.

    And as for accuracy of the system, it seems to be great. I’ve had to ask for an update to the home course because two of the holes here have tee boxes have were moved since they last updated, but they promised the update would be ready for me in just 2 days time and I think that is pretty awesome customer service.

    I can’t help anyone get better at putting, but I can recommend the Shot Scope v3 GPS watch and club sensors. The data you get is simply fantastic.

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      • I barely scratched the surface. It’s extremely comprehensive in what it records. I have numbers for left, right, long and short on approaches. Left, right and fairways hit with driver. Max, average and a number called performance average for distances with every club. And I can compare my data to a pro’s or to any level of handicapper I choose in increments of 5. It really is something else.

        And I sent a request to the company to redo my home course because it was incorrect on two holes and it took just two days before an accurate update was provided. That’s pretty good service.

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