Putting Guides – Part 2 of 5

Image from:  http://www.sirshanksalot.com/golf-drills/short-game-drills/putting-tips/895-spot-vs-line-putting/Back 6 forward 12!  Now that you have made solid contact on the ball, where are you putting it too?  There are many ways to line up your putt, determine the slope, the grain, hole location, etc. and we will talk about that in later posts.  Right now I want to talk about hitting your line.

How do we consistently keep the ball on line?  At SirShanksAlot.com, they talk about the difference between spot putting and line putting.  Spot putters do not have to look at the hole and only focus the spot they are putting too.  Line putters focus on the hole and take the whole shot into account.  I remember about 30 years ago when Jack Nicklaus gave an interview and he talked about putting.  He said that he picked a spot about 3 feet in front of the ball and putted to that spot.  I took his point to heart (and if it is good enough for Jack……), but added my own little twist.

First thing I do is determine my line.  Then I pick a point three feet in front of the ball.  This is the point I must hit first when putting.  Right now you are saying sounds simple; well here is my twist.

I additionally want to determine the speed of the putt.  Therefore, I pick another point on my line (past the 3 foot point) that the ball has to go over to make sure I have enough speed on the putt.  Additionally, these two points help make sure your putter head follows through on the intended line.  I have found that if I hit both points, I one putt quite often and rarely three putt.  This style really works for me.

It is a simple way to ensure consistency when putting!

It is snowing right now….looks beautiful.  Only 4 months to go before golf season!  I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Putting Guides – Part 2 of 5

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