Putting Guides – Part 3 of 5

Image from:  http://scoregolf.com/articles/x-feature-instruction/learn-to-lagMy next putting tip has to do with how aggressive you want to play.  Many advisers, coaches, pros, and friends have varying views on this topic.  It is very difficult to determine what is best and when.

Many will say that if the greens are playing tough to lag putt outside of 15 feet.  Others will suggest to always attack the hole.  Dave Pelz at Scoregolf.com says that for putts 35 feet or longer to image the hole is 6 feet wide.  This lag putt will hopefully cut down 3 putts.

Chris Czaja from Golfinstruction.com states that “One basic rule I have golfers follow is that if you are outside four paces from the hole, just go for a two putt.”  He is also a strong supporter of practicing you putting stroke for 30 minutes a few times a week.

Ask yourself,  when you have to make an approach shot or long putt….how often are you short of the hole?  I would suggest that you are short most of the time.  As a result, here is my view:

100% of short putts don’t go in!

I never intend to lag putt.  I believe that by trying to sink every putt is the only way to play golf.  I know that many players will not agree with my view, but I think that most players need to be more aggressive when they play and it starts on the green.

What do you think?  Is lag putting the way to go or is being aggressive a valid alternative?

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