Important Scoring Advice From Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas is a fantastic ball striker. Know for his ability to hit the ball long off the tee (averaging 300 yards), we forget that he has a great short game as well. Yet, Thomas has not been satisfied with his overall performance. He decided to zero in on the worse part of his game and as such has garnered success that will lead to greater rewards. What has he been working on you may ask? Well, his putting of course!

I have espoused putting as a critical part of any golfers game. It is where most amateurs can focus their efforts to quickly eliminate strokes to lower their golf scores. I even wrote a 5 part series on how I approach putting that works for me; the first article is called: Putting Guides – Part 1 of 5. Now Back to Justin Thomas.

Thomas was a very poor putter leading up to last year where he won three tournaments. It is a tall statement to suggest that one of the best in the world really cannot putt compare to his peers, but Thomas was one of those professionals. On a side note, Adam Scott would fall in that category as well in my opinion.

The previous two seasons saw Thomas rank No. 144 and No. 112 in Strokes Gained: Putting – while finishing third and second in the FedExCup, respectively.

Through the early portion of 2020-21, Thomas has seen an improvement to No. 37 in the TOUR’s preeminent putting statistic. He’s gaining three-quarters of a stroke per round on the greens after losing strokes in each of the last two seasons.

Combining strong mechanics and feel concepts, Thomas believes his best putting days – and golf days – are yet to come.


With all the focus on the great big bombers on the PGA Tour, the media sometimes forgets that players like the Thomas, currently ranked 3rd in the world, are still in the mix. He has made tremendous strides on his short game and I think Thomas is on track to have his best season ever in 2020-2021.

A noticeable difference from 3 and 4 feet is 84th and 89th respectively in 2020, to first in both categories at 100% in 2021 after 12 rounds. That is a stark improvement and all due to the fact that he found the right coach and they focused on putting. He has a whole season ahead apply his new found success on the green and I think we are going to see some great things from Justin Thomas.

I figure is a great player like Justin Thomas to take the time and effort to improve his putting; who am I do doubt the validity of his advice. Learning to putt well is a definite stroke saver regardless of your skill level. Now if you will excuse me, I am off to practice putting. 😉

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Important Scoring Advice From Justin Thomas

  1. I’ve put more time into practice putting than any other aspect of the game. I’ve practiced so much with the new putter than when I pick up the old one it already feels alien. The big grip I loved so much on it feels terrible after just 6 weeks or so with the new putter and it’s standard sized grip.


    • Kevin,

      I use a grip in between standard and large. It fits well for my hands and that is the key. Everyone has different requirements for their grips and it is something that most players should figure out for long term success. It is really a simple matter to find out and it impacts a great many things during our swing. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new flat stick… is important on many levels.

      Cheers Jim


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