Leaving Shots On The Course After A Round Of Golf

I am confident that every golfer laments about leaving strokes on the course. Usually it means that they wish they could take a shot over again or made a different decision that would result in a different outcome. This universal situation is generally discussed at the 19th hole over a libation or two. No matter what we shoot as a score, golfers always feel they could have shot at least one stroke lower. The feeling of missing out on a better score can lead to frustration, however I would suggest that it is the natural order of things for all golfers. The real question is where most of us feel we lose the most strokes?

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Gaining Strokes On The Field

This relatively new way of recording stats in golf deals with gaining strokes on the field. It is a interesting way to see how a player is fairing against the field. I am not sure as an amateur how this would help our game because it would be almost impossible to track, but as a professional I can see how it would help. For example, Cameron Smith gained 11.5 strokes will putting at last weekends Players Championship. I think with this stat alone it shows why he won. Knowing this, what really is gaining strokes on the field in golf?

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Gaining A Stroke and Losing A Stroke – Isn’t Golf Fun!

I do not know how many rounds of golf I played where I have gained a stroke just to lose it on the next hole. You understand what I mean when you are walking to the tee with a spring in your step due to a birdie, just to be weighed down walking to the next tee after a bogey. I am not sure why this happens, but it happens more frequently than I like to admit. It is during those instances where I realize just how fun golf really can be 😉

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Important Scoring Advice From Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas is a fantastic ball striker. Know for his ability to hit the ball long off the tee (averaging 300 yards), we forget that he has a great short game as well. Yet, Thomas has not been satisfied with his overall performance. He decided to zero in on the worse part of his game and as such has garnered success that will lead to greater rewards. What has he been working on you may ask? Well, his putting of course!

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Gaining Strokes To The Field in a Golf Tournament

Playing in a golf tournament offers many opportunities to gain strokes on the field. These scoring opportunities can happen at any time on the golf course, but there are certain holes where shooting a good (or poor) score makes more of a difference to the leaderboard. Over the years, I benefited from great shots and gained up to 2 strokes on the field on one hole; it was all a matter of timing. Continue reading