4 Putts Wins the Day

What is the greatest number of putts you have made on one hole? I asked this innocent question a couple of days back and I was not surprised to see that 4 was the most popular answer! I can honestly say that I have 5 putted once, but that was a very long time ago. Now, a three putt is the most shoot on one hole.

Putting is such a unique skill. There is something that every player must develop on their own. I have written about my views in a 5 post series several years ago and if you are interested, you can start with the first article called Putting Guides – Part 1 of 5. I do suggest putting is something you should practice regularly because it is the great equalizer!

Some of the answers were quite funny. One responded poked fun at is buddy for 7 putting! He did not name names, but when you tag them it becomes pretty obvious. One person says they have never hit anything more than a 4 putt because they always pick up! Lastly, putting off the green is quite popular. I can say from experience that this is not fun and do not recommend it!

Putting is a stroke saver. As an amateur, I cannot think of a more important skill to develop if you want to excel in golf. Someone once said that starting at the green and working outward was the quickest and most effective way to lower you golf score. I completely agree!

Do you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “4 Putts Wins the Day

  1. I practice my putting almost daily at home on the carpet. It doesn’t help reading greens any or judging speed, but it has helped me hit my line much more consistently. But the biggest help I think is in gained confidence.

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