We Only Play One Round!

After a crazy summer, Ben Hogan’s words delve deeper in my soul that I ever imagined. I appreciate his profound words and as such have started to focus next year’s golf season and what I want to accomplish. The real trick is to balance my schedule with a splash of reality. 

The flame of desire burns brightly!

My desire to exceed all expectations burns brightly. Not just because I had a limited season 2018, but the realization that each season is precious and I need to take full advantage of the glorious opportunities that are placed in front of me every day. And of course to be grateful for all the experiences that come my way.

I have a rough idea of what I want to accomplish on the golf course in 2019. I have thought about it for some time and finally decided on a few things.

  • I will enter more tournaments this year, especially charity events.I think it is a great way to give back and still play some golf.
  • I will win a stroke event this year
  • I will shoot 5 eagles
  • I will play 3 new courses
  • I will practice more
  • I will play more (80+ rounds is my goal)
  • I will have fun and be grateful on the links

Well, this is my start of what I want to accomplish in 2019. There are many more goals and I will explain those in future posts. On a side note, I specifically use the word ‘want’ because these are not things might be on my list of accomplishments, but are! I feel by being more direct, I will have a direction in which to build my plan.

Do you have any goals for 2019? Feel like sharing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “We Only Play One Round!

  1. Jim,

    These are great! Are you going to keep track of them as you go throughout the season, or tally it up at the end and see how you did?

    I haven’t completed my goals for the 2019 season, but have been thinking about it. Right now, my goal for the winter is to improve my fitness and I’ve been working on that, so far so good! All the best.



  2. Jim,

    My main goal is very simple, and that is to play more! Because I will play more, my other goal is to shoot even par for a round, I have been close a few times and I believe with more playing time I can achieve this. Similar to one of your goals, I will also try more courses, my goal is 5.
    Thanks for sharing!



  3. I have two goals for next year. I’d like to incorporate the the draw back into my game, and shoot at least one par or under round. For now, no matter how close I feel I am to both of those goals, that’s sufficient. If I reach them both, I can reevaluate.

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