Focusing on the End Goal in Golf

I am 14 days into my stem cell transplant with about 10 days to go. Fortunately, all is going well and I expect this to be the steady state until completion. As I sit in my hospital bed, I find myself making many mini-goals that helps me stay the course of the end goal – healthy and heading home! I find that these mini-goals are as much a physical process as mental; yet hey are all connected.  Continue reading

Overwhelmed by Golf Information

Make the madness stop! How can thousands of so-called experts claim to have the one solution that will fix my golf game? It is impossible to decipher the complex idiosyncrasies of a golf swing down to one simple concept or action. Of course, in today’s society of instant gratification, that is what most players are looking for. Golf is not easy and no matter what parts of your game you are trying to fix, a quick search will provide a mountain of data that you have not time or desire to sift through. So what is the solution? Continue reading

What Causes Your Downfall on the Golf Course?


Hitting from the cabbage!

As amateur golfers it does not take much to change our golf game. I guess the same is for the professionals, but I would suggest they are better equipped to avoid those defining moments. It does not take much in some cases to change our attitude, confidence or comfort from good too bad. Likely the opposite is true, but I find fall into the abyss is easier than climbing out.

Understanding our swing mechanics is helps redefine out focus if things are heading south, yet I believe it is not the real challenge. Generally, our swing mechanics remain constant throughout a round of golf. Of course, the better the golfer, the more consistent. But overall, focusing on swing mechanics is a rabbit hole that does not prevent the slide in the wrong direction. Continue reading

The Grateful Golfer 2017 Golf Plan

My 2017 golf plan is ready and I think it will move much closer to my goal of being a scratch golfer. Unlike last year, I will have specific milestones to reach and timelines in ensure I stay focused throughout the year.

I am planning to use the same process as previous years because it works very well for my game. It is not complicated and helps me identify the areas I need/want to improve. Except, I am going to take it a step further. I found out last year that but not having quantifiable goals, I did not maximize the golfing opportunities. This year this is all going to change. Continue reading