Chipping to Break 100

Golf is a crazy game! On Tuesday I shot 78 with bogies on the last three holes – with two 3 putts! Thursday, I shot 76 with 2 birdies and two pars on the last 4 holes! I felt exactly the same, played almost the same way and scored two strokes better. As I think back to my round, and I know most of you analyse your last round of golf, I was wondered what the difference was between the two rounds. My conclusion is that It all came down to chipping.

I have talked about practicing my 3-6-9 chipping drill before and suggest that it will help anyone break 100. The most important aspect of the drill is just to practice and develop a solid go-to stroke that will help build consistency. As I played today, I realized that chipping is as important as putting to score low.

I could go on about how to hold your hands or how to grip the club or where to align or, or, or. As your skill develops, there will be time for improving and refining your chipping touch. The trick to breaking 100 is to build a consistent chipping technique. The video below outlines a repeatable process that will benefit all players trying to break 100.

The clock drill is very good for using the same swing for multiple shots. It helps develop consistency and improves your chance of lowering your score. Give it a try; let me know how it works.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Chipping to Break 100

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  3. Last year I went to the practice area with my 56 degree wedge. I learned that at 9 o’clock I would go around 60 yards. I practiced 50 and 60 yard shots and it really helped me out on the course. I wasn’t guessing as much what I needed to do. I only wish I had of thought of it years ago.


  4. Jim, love the video. Have you ever tinkered with the Steve Stricker wristless approach to hitting wedges? He and Zach Johnson seem to be the best at it and are renown for their expertise with controlling distances. Glad to hear that you are showing good form early! Brian


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