Breaking 100 Through Chipping

Breaking 100 is the first major challenge for any golfer.  As discussed in my previous article, building a consistent putting stroke using the 3-6-9 putting drill will greatly reduce strokes and help develop confidence on the green.  For those whose who have a tendency to hit their approach shots just off the green, then chipping to break 100 is very important.

As a rule, keeping all drills as simple as possible is the key to success in golf.  Building on the 3-6-9 concept, will help tie a previously learned skill in to your growing arsenal.  To set up this drill, grab 12 tees and six balls from your bag.  No, you do not require clubs yet!  Set up the tees in the same pattern as the 3-6-9 putting drill.  For those who have not read the previous post; at 3,6,9 and 12 o’clock, place a tee at 3-6-9 feet from the hole.

Next, grab the six balls and walk anywhere off the green.  Ideally, you should start at least 15 paces from the hole.  You still do not require any clubs.  Now toss the ball towards the target hole.  Pay attention to how far you tossed the ball in the air and how far the ball rolls after it hits the ground.  Do this with all six balls.  The intent is to toss the ball within the 3 foot circle…inside nine feet will be ok since you already have confidence putting from that range.

Retrieve your balls and return to the same spot where you tossed the 6 balls. Now, roll the balls along the green without tossing the ball in the air.  Pay attention to how fast the ball is travelling to get within your 3 target.

Practice tossing and rolling the balls until you can consistently place the 6 balls within your 3-6-9 foot target.  Now, grab your 8 iron and a wedge (which wedge is up to you depending on your stroke – this is the time to experiment with which club is good for you).  Use the wedge to replicate the tossed ball and use the 8 iron to replicate the rolled ball.

Obviously, the goal is to chip the 6 balls in your 3-6-9 target.  Now once you feel confident and have achieved success move to a different location.  Eventually, you will not have to hand toss or roll the balls.

The most important and final step of this drill is to pace the distance from your chipping spot to the hole.  This step will help develop your distance gauge around the green.  Additionally, you will develop confidence with your chipping irons so you will automatically be able to assess your chipping and have confidence you will be able improve your up and down stats.

Using the 3-6-9 chipping and putting drill help,lower you scores and break 100.  I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

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