Breaking 100 Without Quick Fixes

Breaking 100 at anytime is generally the first milestone golfers try to achieve. There are many tips, drills and quick fix programs that guarantee to lower your score with little to no practice….or so they claim. Obviously, there are drills that work very quickly, but others are less effective in the short-haul because they are too advanced for the player.

In earlier articles, I have outlined different ways to break 100 and they are very valuable to any player who dedicates the time to improve. These articles are:

Each post deals with a specific area of the golf game that, if a player focuses their practice time, will gain the greatest results. I am sure you have figured it out by now…. your short game.

Loyalist Country Club (12)

Putting 10000 times!

All players, regardless of skill level, have the ability to play better. Even Rory McIlrory will say he “left a couple” on the course after playing a great round of golf. This is nothing new and only reinforces a player’s desire to play better.

On the flip side, when a player does not play well, they generally focus on the area of weakness from that round. Most of the time, I would suggest, it is their short game. Off to the practice range they go with focused intent to putt and or chip until they regain their smooth stroke.

Focused practice is the real key to breaking 100. The rule of thumb is to attempt something about 10,000 times in order to perfect any skill. Golf is no different. The professional golfer will have practiced all skills more than 10,000 times and as a result earn a living from playing golf. As amateurs, it makes sense that success can be drawn from watching the élite and aping their actions.

To break 100, it is important to engage in focused practice. The process is very straight forward: Perform the stroke; Make a small adjustment if required; Repeat the stroke. When making an adjustment, make sure it is not something that completely changes your original stroke. Repeat 10,000 times. This slow process is the key to successfully mastering your short game.

Breaking 100 without quick fixes is the only real method to lower your score. Time, patience, and the desire to improve are the real keys to good golf! This may not be the answer you are looking for, but experience tells us that in golf ‘practice makes permanent‘.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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