Breaking 100

According the National Golf Foundation (quoted on, only about 55% of golfers break 100.  This is a surprise to many including myself.  A quick search indicates that the number actually varies but 50% is close enough.  So the question is why do only half score in double digits?

Many will say it is their swing, equipment, the course, the conditions or the person they play with that is the problem.  Well this may be true, but realistically I believe the answer points to one area.  Practice, Practice, Practice!

So that was easy.  Thanks for tuning in!

I know, most of you are saying hey can you be more specific!  Come on, give a little.

Golf Made breaks down all areas of golf and the difference between shooting 105 and 95 consistently.  

I am a Golf breaks down the process of breaking 100 to course management, shot selection, approach shots, and putting.  Of course these are all important.

Pro Golf talks about why people do not break 100.  Their points are good and offer a possible framework to success.

I know, enough already.  What is the secret to breaking 100 and not having to change my entire game or spend 10 hours a week doing it.


Yup, that is it.  Most amateurs generally waste 2-4 strokes a hole around the green.  That adds up to 36 shots a round.  Yup, don’t deny it, it is true!  The short game is the key to breaking a 100.  Into the Rough talks about how to break 100 and they emphasize practicing your short game as the key.

For immediate success, to go the course 30 minutes early and practice your putting.  Ian Hardie at has a three-part series on putting that is excellent and will save you those all important strokes.

Chipping will work, but will take more time and practice. has great chipping tips.  Additionally, my earlier post called Chipping In, provides seven tips to success round the green.

Ultimately, any practice of your short game will lower your overall score.  It really is the key to breaking 100.  See you on the links!


9 thoughts on “Breaking 100

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  4. Hey Grateful! I always go back to PGA……Posture, Grip, Alignment. The fundamentals are so important, as I’m sure you know after 35 years of play yourself. Be it a full swing, a 50 yard pitch, a chip shot or a putt. These three things influence everything else. Perhaps that’s the point vet4golfing51 was getting across? BTW, totally agree on the putting. And the 5 yard chips. And the poor bunker play. Wow…..short game all over the place!


    • Rick

      I can see what you and vet4golfing51 are saying. Posture, Grip and Alignment are fundamentals that everyone should master. I guess I have seen too many of my friends needlessly waste strokes around the green that would help lower their score. That is the cool thing about golf; there is always something different for everyone.

      The Grateful Golfer


  5. vet4golfing51

    You are correct about the proper swing mechanics. I would suggest that we have all played with many players who have poor swing mechanics, but hit the ball quite far and reasonably straight. They also score very high because they either double chip or 3 / 4 putt most of the time. I believe that if most people practiced their short game, the 50% of golfers breaking 100 would increase to 75%. Regardless of how much they practice, some will never break 100. Thanks for the comment, I love to hear different view points!

    The Grateful Golfer


    • I am not talking about swing mechanics. These are all things before before you swing. Believe me the swing is not the thing. We are talking about breaking 100, not 90 or 80. Those things are more important to get to that level. If you have a good address position you can have horrible swing mechanics and break a 100. I have seen it many times.


  6. If a person is not breaking 100 and there is not a physical reason or age, the answer is simple. You are doing something wrong before you swing the club. Stance, posture, grip, distance from the ball, weight distribution and alignment. If you are not doing any or all of the above correctly then you can practice all you want and you are still going to be a slug


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