Seeing Past a Hazard

Image from: was watching The Legend of Baggar Vance last night.  It is a good golf movie about a war veteran who lost his game, control of his life and the desire to change anything.  As he slowly gained back his golf game with the help of an odd caddy, he became empowered to gain control over his demons.  Overall, it was a good movie and I enjoyed watching it.

In one scene, Rannulph Junuh was in the woods and was playing very poorly.  He was struggling with his game and his grip on reality.  He was going to reach down and move the ball when Baggar Vance started talking to him about how the game of golf was particularly odd.  Baggar Vance was discussing how changing ones thoughts could change the outcome of events.  Through this discussion, Rannulph Junuh changed his focus and concentrated on the shot at hand.  Originally the hole through the trees looked like a baseball, but it slowly turned into an opening that he could drive a bus through.  Junuh hit an amazing shot and turned his game around.

This story is an all too familiar one.  We have all been in situations where we had to hit out the trees, hit over a pond or sand trap, not push the ball out-of-bounds, not hook the ball into a hazard or duff the ball off the tee because thought we needed a booming drive to be successful.  Each one of these events has one thing in common – the player was focusing on the wrong thing.  They focused on what not to do and what was in the way; instead of what to do and where they want the ball to land.

Positive Mental imagery of the entire shot is how a player sees past a hazard!  Focusing on clearing the hazard and landing the ball safely does ensure success.  Joan King has devoted a website to the power of positive mental imagery that may be worth a visit.  As well, Mark Wright’s article “You Probably Already Know Golf Mental Imagery is the Key to Improving Your Golf” is another excellent article on golf imagery that will help anyone see past the hazard.  Lastly, has embedded video on this very important topic that is worth watching.

What you conceive and believe you can achieve! – Napoleon Hill

This famous quote applies was not intended for golf specifically, but it sure does apply.  Seeing past a hazard is more than hitting and hoping.  It starts with a positive mental image and ends with intended results.  Golf is more than just a physical game!

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