Golf References and Recommendations

Today the temperature was -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) on my daily walk.  I try to keep fit by exercising and stretching everyday as a way to prepare myself for the next season.  As I soaked up the sunshine and cool air, I realized that it was time to expand my golf reference material.

I did a quick search on-line and WOW!  There is everything.  I quickly was overwhelmed (for now) and decided to get back to it later.  Having said that, I figured I would ask other golf enthusiasts for recommendations.  Besides with Christmas coming up one of your suggestions may end up under our tree.

So the question of the day – Can you recommend any golf book, DVD, video, tools, etc that help me expand my knowledge and understanding of this great game?

2 thoughts on “Golf References and Recommendations

  1. i don’t know about the new stuff but one of the great old books is A Round of Golf with Tommy Armour. To this day I feel it is the best book written on how to play the game. You can still find it on line.


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