10000 views Final

Well the day has arrived and I have reached 10000 views.  When I started this blog in May 2013, I was happy just to have one.  But since:

There have been views from 83 different countries….which I think is really cool!

My post Breaking 100 is my most popular with 503 views!

Best day ever had 147 views!

Written a total of 287 posts (this one is 288)!

Most importantly a total of 187 followers!  Who inspire me to keep writing and keep sharing tips, tricks, and views about golf!  Thanks to everyone.

Lastly, this blog empowered me to regularly connect with my new friends from New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Canada.  Our conversations are always fun and uplifting. Additionally, I am able to stay connected with my old friends in UK(who is probably on the links as we speak – hope you played well), North Bay, Denver, and Halifax. I am truly grateful for their friendship through the years.

Well 10000 views is the first milestone!  Time to go for 10000 more!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!


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