Happy Mother’s Day

happy-mothers-dayHappy Mother’s Day everyone! This is a very special day for all mothers everywhere. It is a day devoted to all the wonderful and selfless acts you do everyday! It reminds us all of that one special person who loves us unconditionally and yet has the fortitude to “straighten us out if required”! Unfortunately, my mom passed two years ago, but this day always brings back awesome memories. Here is one I would like to share.

About 15 years ago, my wife, daughter and I were visiting my Mom in Nova Scotia, Canada. Knowing that my Mom and I were avid golfers, my wife and daughter agreed to go with us to the local Par 3 course. It was not much of a track, but it gave us all an opportunity to play together without any pressure of being slow or pushed. As we stepped up to a 128 yard hole (I do not remember the number) we were discussing club selection. Not worrying about honours, Mom stepped up and hit her 7-iron. As we watched her ball sail about 80 yards in the air, bounce a couple of times and then start rolling the last 20 yards…….right into the hole! I kid you not! And it was her third!

But wait there is more!

After we all stopped cheering and jumping around, my daughter announce that it was her turn. So, we all quieted down and let her set up for her shot. She took a mighty swing and the ball went about 20 yards in the air and started rolling towards the green. It rolled and rolled and rolled right to the green. As it went on the green I noticed it was tracking in the right direction. I held my breath and “boink” the ball hit the pin and stopped 6 inches from the hole. I let out tremendous yell for it to get in, but to no avail. Mom and I were just as excited as we jumped around giving high fives. A moment later, I looked at my daughter and she had a disappointed look on her face. After querying her, she stated in all seriousness, “Mine did not go in like Nanas!” I let out a laugh and explained what an awesome shot she just did and then she felt much better!

So on Mother’s Day, remember that five minutes spent with the ones you love can produce a memory of a life time!

I want to wish my darling wife a Happy Mother’s. She is my ‘everything’ and deserves to be appreciated on this special day and everyday!

I am a grateful. Happy Mother’s Day!

9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

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  4. Love the story Jim. We are blessed to have such incredible ladies in our lives as we salute them on Mother’s Day.


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