Watching A Hole In One By Someone Else

A couple of day ago I asked if anyone had watched a hole in one by someone else. If the answer was yes, then to give a brief description. I was amazed at the response and the stories. So much so, I thought it was worthy of a post. I decide to pick three of the responses and share them. If you want to see them all, you can go to my Twitter feed (icon on the right) and see them all. So, keep reading and see some great stories by other grateful golfers.

First, here is the original question and overall answers:

Almost 55% of the respondents have witnessed a hole in one by another player. I am not really surprised at this because my sample group is very focused and mostly only golfers respond. Personally, I have witnessed three aces by other players and three of my own. It is always an exciting time!

The top three responses are:

All three of these stories were noteworthy because it shows that no matter how old or skilled a player may be, there is always a chance for a hole in one. Golf is funny that way because one of the greatest milestones in a golfing career is an ace and anyone can do it!

I have talked about watching my Mom’s ace and then my 10 year old daughter hit the pin directly after, but that is not the hole in one I want to describe today. It is by an old friend Dave who was a great golfer and fun to golf with. He was smooth as silk and he never wore golf shoes. Not bad considering he was a top player with a one or two handicap. But, that is a story for another day.

The night we were playing golf was very windy. I would say that it was blowing hard enough to create a 15 yard drift on a 200 yard shot. And it was something we were playing for whenever we were in a cross wind situation. This particular shot was on the 11th hole a Circle Pines in Borden, Ontario. It was playing about 150 yards, but the hole was all carry. The green is elevated, so missing the green usually resulted in a bogey.

Dave had the honours and decided to go right at the pin. I thought this would have been folly, but Dave was far more experienced than I at the time so I just watched. He hit a perfect 8-iron. The ball sailed high and started off heading for the pin. The three seconds it took for the ball to get to the hole seemed like an eternity, but the wait was worth it. Dave’s ball landed directly in the hole! No bounce or anything; it dropped straight in. It really was amazing to watch and I can honestly say that I was a excited for Dave’s fantastic shot as I was for my own. This is a memory I will keep for a very long time.

Watching an ace is something that is memorable in golf. As you can tell from my poll, many others think so as well. Some call it a one-in-a-million shot, but I think that since you were aiming for the hole and it went in, you performed the shot perfectly! Now we just need to learn to do it again and again.

Thank you to everyone who shared your stories on Twitter. It was great to read them and helped me stay focused on my upcoming golf season.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Watching A Hole In One By Someone Else

  1. Jim, I’ve made two and seen two others that I can recall. Of the four, I saw three go in. The only one I didn’t see was my first hole in one. All were thrilling, but what I remember vividly was a double eagle a guy made that I was playing with. It was on an uphill par-5 and we didn’t see it go in. When we got to the green we had to look for his ball and when he found it in the hole, went positively ape. Was awesome.

    Thanks for the jog down memory lane.


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  2. I’ve told this story multiple times over the years. Probably even here, but I’ll do it again. I watched my youngest brother get his first/only hole in one. It was a short par 3. 135 yards over water to a raised green with steep banks in the front and more trouble long and left with bushes, the cart path and some trees. The flag was tucked behind a deep bunker on the shallower left side of the green. Scott, my brother, hit his shot and it one hopped right into the hole. I hit mine and it bounced backwards off the top of the bunker and landed in the bottom. Our dad, who was also playing with us that day hit the green with his tee shot. I got lucky too and holed out from the trap. Then dad three putted in and we’ve given him a hard time over the 1,2,4 finish for 16 years now.

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