An Interesting Chipping Game to Lower Your Scores

Jeff Hutchinson demonstrating his chipping prowess!

We talk about how important our short game is to low golf scores. Being able to successfully hit out of trouble is a game saver. I am always trying to find new and fun ways to improve my short game without having the stress of focusing on form.

Sometimes the best way to learn the skill of chipping is to just do it! I think of other sports and realize that everyone had some sort of game attached to the practice. For example, in basketball we played HORSE, around the world, blind 21, and king of the world. All of these games helped improve my shooting and foot work while having fun. I think golf needs more of this…..wait, maybe there is something! Continue reading

Taking a Putt in Golf

How many times have you taken a putt? You know, when you miss your first attempt and walk up a pick your ball up. I have for sure over the years, but I like to think that I have a maximum distance before picking up my ball. Before you give me the lazy eye, I know we have all done it without any regrets.

In the big scheme of things, I do not sweat picking up the odd putt in the course of several rounds, yet I have to wonder if this is really helping my game. Of course the real answer is that it does hurt my game when I need to putt everything, yet sometimes I do not care and just want to have fun playing. Continue reading

Bringing Back The Fun in Golf

This is an article I wrote last year. I realize I should get over the fact that the PGA Tour is trying to change the atmosphere of the 16th hole, but I am still not convinced that it is important to have fun golfing. And the craziness of this hole may just what I need during the winter while I am waiting for my golf season to start.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open starts today. It is a great event and has a history of creating an atmosphere not found outside a Major! Over the last few years, I have discussed the changes imposed by the PGA Tour on the antics on the 16th hole at the Waste Management professional event. After years of writing articles, I still stand by my views, but maybe there is room for a minor adjustment!

The three articles are Let the Games Begin! Caddie Race and No Caddie Races!

Basically, the PGA Tour continues to try to impose a sense of decorum. I think the Tour believes that the Professionals are losing focus and the crowd is becoming unruly; especially on the last day when the tournament is on the line. However, the players and fans seem to embrace the carnival like atmosphere and I definitely enjoy watching the interaction between the pros and the fans.
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