Golf Always Leaves You Wanting More

Playing a fun round of golf always leaves you wanting more. Of course, we all have our own definition of fun and in my case it was playing a round of golf with my cousins. Additional to the awesome company, I shot my best round of the year!

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Kyle Teeing it Up!

Jody, Kyle and the clan are up visiting for the week. Fortunately, the schedule was such that we had the opportunity to hit the links. We teed off at 11 am on Tuesday and from the moment we hit the first ball, the round was great fun. In addition to my two cousins, Jody’s son, Chase, who is 9 years old, joined us for the ride, kept score, played a couple of holes and ate.

We laughed, joked, and talked about everything. I helped them with their game a bit, but mostly we just enjoyed the beautiful sun and fantastic course. As the day unfolded, Jody and Kyle hit some great shots that would rival any player.

Jody Teeing it Up!

In one case, Kyle was on the 16th hole about 55 yards from the green. He was close to a tree (so he could not go over) and the front of the green was guarded by 3 sand traps. Kyle called his shot. He grabbed his 5 wood and proceeded to hit his ball under the tree, up the hill, split the sand traps and rolled the ball on the green about 8 feet from the pin. I am not sure how he saw this shot (or made it) but, it was fantastic to watch.

Not to be outdone, Jody hit the green on the very difficult par 3, 17th hole and had his first putt for birdie all day. He was 165 yards from the pin and Jody hit a 3 wood. It sailed perfectly through the air, had a slight cut, played the gusting wind, and landed softly on the green about 20 feet from the pin. After an easy 2 putt, he scored his first par of the day.

Chase putting for par.

Chase played the par 3, 11th hole. He does not play golf regularly, but is a very gifted athlete. Last year at this time, I gave him his first lesson. Chase hit from the gold tees and played the 150 yard hole very well. After an excellent drive down the middle of the fairway, Chase hit his second shot onto the fringe. After a smooth 3 putt, he walked away with a huge smile. It was great to watch.

Needless to say, Jody, Chase and Kyle left the course wanting more.

My game was very solid. I shot a smooth 1 under front and a 1 over back. I hit 14 GIR and putted very well. As a matter of fact, I was surprised I did not shoot under par that day because everything seemed effortless. It is days like that, that leave me wanting more.

Golf is a great sport. It is frustrating and exciting all at the same time. Every golfer knows that no matter what is happening on the course, it takes only one shot to leave them wanting more. It happens all the time, especially on the 18th hole!

Have you ever left the course wanting more?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

The article was written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer golf blog.

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